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ACPI & HAL's Explained

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I have tried this on two xp installs using a nlited xp cd and selecting an acpi system. On both occasions my PC would not power off on shutdown. I tried a registry patch and still no power down :( It has to be because it is an acpi system so I'm going back to what it is supposed to be and what windows normally selects.

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Lemme give off the reason I did this.


Installing windows today I found that my rig was pausing quite offen for no reason during the inital copy files process.

The blue screen one, the one that reminds me of the win3x installer...


I was thinking wth..., now what :.

I think to myself, is it because I'm forcing chs on my burner(instead of auto, lba is a nono btw).

Or is it apic...

I disabled apic, and bam, all good.

Evenm had mps v1.1 setup allready, as some of you may allready know, that normally stabilizes it a bit.


I've ran into probs with that even with that sort of config after this part of installing windows though, before...

If it was scanign the hd for errors, major probs.

Still, allways got around that sort of p[rob by throwing the kernal and hal I needed into windows before completing the install, and forcing the kernel/hal fromt he get go(via boot.ini).


Anyways, ran into this prob this morning before I even booted off the hd.

Fixed it by not useing apic.

So maybe I should'nt use it...



Benched without APIC for now.

Plus some previous knowledge of mine.



ntoskrnl.exe: Fastest Everest, Fastest SuperPI's, Most Stable Without APIC (Most Stable With APIC?)

ntkrnlpa.exe: Slowest Everest, Slowest SuperPI's, Least Stable Without APIC (Least Stable With APIC?)

ntkrnlmp.exe: Liceance Violation... (Can't Bench Until Later, Will Figuer Out Soon...)

ntkrpamp.exe: I Don't Have This File... (For Now anyways...)


hal.dll: Fastest Everest, Slowest SuperPI's, Least Stable Without APIC (Unstable With APIC?)

halaacpi.dll: Unstable With APIC, Does'nt Run Without APIC, Worthless...(Not Benching)

halacpi.dll: Slowest Everest, Fastest SuperPI's, Most Stable Without APIC (Most Stable With APIC?)

halmacpi.dll: Not Tested, Does'nt Run Without APIC

halapic.dll: Never Noticed This File, Will Look For Later...

halmps.dll: Never Noticed This File, Will Look For Later...



Need to bench with apic and test stability with that.

Also note I got some locks ups without apic even :.

But no locks when I had setup this combo from my boot.ini.


multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(3)WINDOWS="[HD0-3] NT52-IA" /HAL=halacpi.dll /KERNEL=ntoskrnl.exe /PCILOCK /usepmtimer /CLKLVL /TIMERES=9766 /PAE /3GB /noexecute=AllwaysOff /EXECUTE /NODEBUG /fastdetect


You don't really to pay mind to all of my setup there lol, just the /hal and /kernel entries.

After this, tested a bunch of times without any probs, and it was decent for speed(faster then my previous).


... /me scratches head

I wonder if it's the level trigger irq's I'm using that cause probs too...

Time will tell, if I still even have random probs now.


Darn typos...

I will test more later





If you acpi, you can power off automatically.

If you don't, you'll need apic.

Either one or both...


I prefer acpi 1st regardless if it's stable or not(acpi doe'snt reduce stability).

Back int he day, I hated acpi, and prefered apic.

Now it's vise versa.

If I can't power it off due to a software prob(windows locking), then I got the power switch on the psu.


When shutting down, it should allways shutdown unless you have some sort of deadlock or whatever.

Not unless you disable both apic and acpi, either by bios or via the kernal/hal :.

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which one is suit my rig as shown in my sig ?


You don't need to do anything with an NF4. Choosing the right HAL is only applicable to the NF2 chipset. And even if you got it wrong the board still works fine, it just dos'nt clock as well as it could.

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