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2xSATA-II and 1xPATA?

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Well, here is my case - I currently have a 120GB Maxtor (7200/8mb) @ Ultra ATA133

on my older Intel rig and I plan to buy 2x80GB SATA-II Hitachi for my new AMD rig (see signature).

I really don't need much space, I usually burn most of the stuff on DVDs anyway.

But I plan to run the Hitachis in RAID0 and since there is some data I don't want

to burn, nor lose in case the RAID array fails at a given future moment, is it OK to

use the PATA Maxtor as an extra storage disk on one of the IDE channels (the

other one for optical devices). I mean, is there a possibility that the PATA drive will

eventually slow down the entire system, since it will only be used as a passive storage solution,

not an active disk for the OS, for installing apps, working with media and so on...?

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