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Which Motherboard?

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i have more than one prob..1)how do i no if i damaged my motherboard when my cpu overheated and burnt out..cos i smelt something funny when my system made some warning sounds..and now even with a new cpu the system aint starting..

2)i wanna buy a new motherboard anyway so can some one tell me (in plain english) the difference between the asus A7N8X-D and the not delux version..how will this benefit me as i already have a digital 5.1 sound card and an old geforce2 gts 32ddr ram vga??

3)also whats the major difference between the asus A7V8X-X and the above boards??

4)finally does any one no how the XFX NF25ALH (SKT A DDR M'Board) compare against the above motherboards..

u can use my email to reply if its gonna be long...all help appreciated..thanks

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The Deluxe version of the A7n8X series has SATA, IEEE 1394, Soundstorm, and Dual-LAN. It also comes with an extra USB adapter for a pci slot (coupled with the gameport). On the non-deluxe the gameport adapter doesn't have the USB on it, if that really matters....I unscrewed the usb adapter on it because I connected the extra USB's to the front of my case. The I/O panel has 4 USB ports on it already.


I suggest going with the deluxe unless you absolutely won't be needing any of the four aformentioned additions. I have the deluxe in my main, and just bought a non-deluxe for my bro's comp.


As for your 5.1 channel soundcard. Put it in an older system or scrap it. Either version of the a7n8x has 6 channel audio.

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I'll be the fly in the ointment and recommend passing on the Asus A7N8X Deluxe. I've had one for the last 9 months and it's been only a fair mb and a constant headache. I had to do a voltage mod to get it to run memory at 200MHz. I'd say it's only fair at best. My version was the 1.4 and I guess the v2 is better. It better be.


I replaced it with a DFI LanParty NFII Ultra. Kick . Motherboard


This board coupled with my ADATA DDR500 memory is absolutely great. It is the only AMD motherboard that will run with all my memory brands: Corsair XMS3000PT2 runs great, Geil PC3200 runs great, ADATA DDR500 PC4000 runs great. This is the only AMD board that challenges my Intel boards for my attention.


Check this one out. They have just issued a version B of this mb if you need SATA RAID and mounting holes for water cooling.

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