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nf3 250gb,hard drive not detected randomly

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I had a huge post made out the my power went off. :sad:


any way. I just got my LP UT NF3 250GB the other day.

I swaped it in to replace the Chaintech sk8t800 Id been using since I killed my neo plat.

the hd in question is a WesternDigital 160g caviar se ide

right after swaping the mobo I booted up and went into bios to set date and time. my hd was detected.

after save and reboot I went to do a fresh install of windows, but my hd was not being detected. I disconnected it and connected a spare 4g hd I have. on boot it was detected. so I swaped my wd back in. reboot and once again it wasnt detected.


I then pulled it and put it in my wifes rig. it was detected on boot. so I put it back in my rig. once again it wasnt detected. I then switched the molex and ata cable to it.

this time it was recognised. I then installed windows, and every thing was running fine.

apawn one restart my hd once again was not detected at boot. I turned the machine off and pulled the molex to the drive for a few seconds. pluged it back up, booted the system and had my hd back.

I get back into windows have the machine running for a day then get a bsod that flashes to quick for me to read and the system reboots. sadly once again the hd is not detected.

once again I pull the molex to it for a bit plug it back in and apawn reboot the hd its there. ran fine all day yesterday.

Last night I ran prime95woke up this morning to see it had errored after 7 1/2 hrs.

error......it couldnt write to the log after several attempts and my pc was locked up minus the mouse.

I reboot and once again hd is not detected.


what is going on? only dif in hardware is the mobo. Ive never had any problems with this hd on my chaintech mobo, and I dont think its psu as Ive tested the 12v rail. it never drops below 12v, and 5v rail stays between 5v-4.97v


is there some thing Im missing? or does this mobo just not like this drive?

please if any one has any ideas let me know. if I could figure this out Id have a stable system.

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