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Found 3 results

  1. I'm currently running Windows 7 and am happy with it. However, it would be a big help for the computer to boot up quicker than it does now (takes about 45 seconds). A little history: it used to take a couple minutes from the time I pushed the power button until the Windows start-up was complete. I replaced the old rotating hard drive with an SSD and that made a very big improvement...........it now takes about 22 seconds for the POST, and an addtional 23 or 24 seconds for Windows 7 to start up. I've heard that Windows 10 has a fast start up, but I am concerned about the drivers............I've heard that there might be problems with the drivers, especially on older devices, and I would rather not take the chance unless the new start up time is much faster than the 23 - 24 seconds that I currently have. Also, I hear that Windows 10 does automatic upgrades and I don't like that, but I thought that I read somewhere that you can change the settings so that the upgrades are not automatic.........not sure about that. So, take the chance on having driver problems and upgrade problems? Naturally, the POST will always take 22 seconds (this is as fast as it will go even after making BIOS changes to speed it up). So, the best I can expect is to reduce the start up from about 45 seconds to sometthing less than that, but will never be faster than 22 seconds. All advice appreciated.
  2. Hi everyone, so i am trying to do a clean install onto a Samsung EVO 250GB SSD via usb (no dvd drive lol), yet each time i try to press next at the 'which drive do you want to install on' it says that "setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition. See thwesetup log files for more information". I've tried just about everything, the drive is SATAIII changed it from IDE to ACHI in the UEFI/bios. USB boot is enabled. It is the only drive connected, no DVD drive either (so even if i had the disk itd be for nothing). what else... the board is an AsRock 970 Extreme4 with an AMD fx-8320 cpu (stock everything, no overclocking) the drive is plugged into the first sata port on the MOBO. i mean it seeeees the drive so i am lost... AND beyond really frustrated because i thought this was going to be an almost sort of simple process seeing as how microsoft provides the tool to turn a usb into a bootable Win7 drive. now im stuck using my phone and an old craptop :'( helpp pleasee!!! thank you all :\ (also tried to see if this was posted previously but i did not see anything so my apologies if it's there)
  3. Hello OverClockersClub, I am having a problem running triple monitors on Windows 7. When I choose "Extend this display" and click save it gives me the error "Unable To Save Display Settings". At first I was using a passive DVI to HDMI converter, after reading I found that it won't work because there is not enough power for the conversion process. So I bought a Mini-Display port to HDMI cable. This is what each monitor is running (In cable terms) Dell ST2240L (1920x1080) = DVi - DVi Dell S2240L (1920x1080) = Mini Display - HDMI Dell S2240L (1920x1080) - HDMI - HDMI My GPU is a XFX Radeon 6870. Here is the back of the GPU. http://i.imgur.com/bZGMuLX.jpg Thanks, Inf_Dev
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