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Found 4 results

  1. Display and personalization have dissapeared from my control panel. Has this happened to anyone else? Does any one Know why and is there a fix? Thanks
  2. Hey, OCC, long time no post! Anyways, the last few days I've been using a first-generation Surface Pro, and as someone who generally prefers full-sized laptops, I've been blown away by how much I've enjoyed using the thing, despite being an older device. The pros and cons for me break down something like this: Pros... Runs a full 64-bit x86 OS 3rd-gen i5 is perfectly sufficient for most any task that I would do on such a device SSD, while small by today's standards, operates very well Whole GUI seems to render at 60 FPS, making for an extremely smooth experience Fantastic screen Reassuringly solid build quality Cons... Battery is average Type cover touchpad is awkward Wifi occasionally has trouble reconnecting after resuming from standby Small SSD 1920x1080 is not an ideal resolution for a productivity tablet How does OCC feel about the Surface line? Is there anyone here that has a newer Surface, or even the Book? What do you use it for?
  3. Hi, Just tried installing Windows 10 Pro 64-bit from a USB stick (Patriot Supersomic Rage 32GB) - but no luck. Yes, I altered the 'boot priority' settings but that does not appear to have helped. I currently have a dual-boot setup, with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and Windows XP Home 32-bit. Fairly obviously, I want to scrub the ancient copy of XP and replace it with Windows 10. I used Rufus software to 'burn' Windows 10 to the USB stick, seemed which to go absolutely fine. Yes, true, my motherboard and chip are a bit old too - Intel Core2 Duo E6750 with an Abit IP-35 Pro motherboard and 4GB of RAM (ie, Corsair Twin2X2048 XMS Xtreme Performance 800mhz). Any ideas? Thanks, DANNY
  4. I'm currently running Windows 7 and am happy with it. However, it would be a big help for the computer to boot up quicker than it does now (takes about 45 seconds). A little history: it used to take a couple minutes from the time I pushed the power button until the Windows start-up was complete. I replaced the old rotating hard drive with an SSD and that made a very big improvement...........it now takes about 22 seconds for the POST, and an addtional 23 or 24 seconds for Windows 7 to start up. I've heard that Windows 10 has a fast start up, but I am concerned about the drivers............I've heard that there might be problems with the drivers, especially on older devices, and I would rather not take the chance unless the new start up time is much faster than the 23 - 24 seconds that I currently have. Also, I hear that Windows 10 does automatic upgrades and I don't like that, but I thought that I read somewhere that you can change the settings so that the upgrades are not automatic.........not sure about that. So, take the chance on having driver problems and upgrade problems? Naturally, the POST will always take 22 seconds (this is as fast as it will go even after making BIOS changes to speed it up). So, the best I can expect is to reduce the start up from about 45 seconds to sometthing less than that, but will never be faster than 22 seconds. All advice appreciated.
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