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Found 7 results

  1. Anyone interested in my Caselabs Magnum SMA8, was about to do some custom watercooling but I've been attending to alot of lan parties lately, plus I'm not sure if I wanna do a custom loop still. Case was used for a couple months (still in mint condition) and was never "built" wuth any sort of custom loop. (Case Color: Form Factor: ATX, ATX Layout: Standard, Bottom Chassis Section: Solid , Chassis mid-plate: Solid , Motherboard Side Door: XXL Window CLEAR ($30.00), Top Cover: Ventilated, Lower Chamber Covers: Ventilated, Flex-Bay Configuration: 120.3 (360) Mount with Solid Bay Covers (25.00), Power and Reset Switch: Standard Power/Reset Switches with Sleeved Cables) + Extras 2 x 140.4 (560) Radiator Side Mount - Single Wide Magnum Cases Silverstone USB 3.0 I/O 3.5'' bay device (FP32-E) paid around 700 USD + Import fees to canada (Located in Montreal) Serious offers only please email me, I dont look at my pm's here; [email protected]
  2. The EVGA GTX 780 Ti Hydro Copper:http://www.evga.com/Products/Product.aspx?pn=03G-P4-2889-KR SAPPHIRE R9 295X2 8GB GDDR5 OC:http://www.sapphiretech.com/presentation/product/?cid=1&gid=3&sgid=1227&pid=2293&psn=&lid=1&leg=0 My planned $1200 water loop: XSPC RayStorm High Performance Acetal CPU Liquid Cooling Block - Special Edition Copper Black Ice GTX Xtreme 480 Radiator(2 pieces) Swiftech MCP655
  3. So here is my dilemma, I have a Antec 1200 case. I don't like it. I wan't a case with a nice window, high quality, something that will fit a nice sized water cooling system with a reservoir. I think I want to try open loop but I need suggestions on a case. I like this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119260 but I don't know if it is big enough I love this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119252 But it doesn't have a window. I have been burned by getting some of the off brand cases because they fit the need, only to find that the cases are crap and full of cheep crap. Any suggestions would be stupendous!
  4. ***WARNING, VERBOSE WALL-O-TEXT. IMPATIENT POSTERS SKIP TO TL;DR *** For a little bit of background, I was running a Sapphire 7970 when Dwood started making his brackets, which interested me since I was mining LTC and my temps would break 80c on the stock reference cooler. I ordered a custom lip bracket one right before he stopped taking orders, and threw a lapped H70 on my card with stellar results like shown in this thread here. My temps dropped from 84c stock, to 79c with replaced TIM, to 58c with the H70. I then did a few simple mods I never posted - replaced the crappy rigid ribbed tubing to standard clear tubing, added a Phobya tube res, and replaced the stock fans with 80cfm server fans. Now I was running at 55c full load, and was very happy(for a while). A good deal popped up on here, which ended with me adding a second 7970 to my rig. Of course I wanted to ditch the same stock cooler, but I had a couple things to think about. Dwood was no longer taking orders on brackets, I didn't want two separate AIO loops crossing ugly lines all over my case, and I didn't trust the terribly weak stock H70 pumps to push two cards and a bigger rad. This of course led me to the logical choice of adding a second custom loop to my rig, but being cheap and a pretty slick modder, I looked at my parts lying around first - specifically the 280mm Aquacomputer Airplex Modular radiator, Enzotech Sapphire CPU block, and extra MCP655 pump top from an old dead pump... ***Mod Starts Here!*** The Enzotech Sapphire RevA. is a big, solid copper waterblock popular during the 775 days. Performance wise it is mid pack compared to other blocks of the same timeframe, but it was one of the lowest restriction waterblocks around and was way cheap in price. This made it perfect for beginning watercooling loops - it was only around $45 bucks new at the time, extremely low restriction so didn't need huge pumps, and performed better then a few more expensive blocks. While the low restriction made it perfect for a GPU setup that has to run flow-killing 90* adapters, the size and weight is an issue. I did some rough measurements and think I can get one in-between the two 7970s if I use non-rotating low profile 90* fittings and stick to 1/4" tubing. I have a horizontal mobo so the weight is not nearly as big an issue as with a vertical mobo, and even with dual GTX GenII 480's and dual pumps I have plenty of room in the bottom section of my custom Extended Ascension. I ordered a second identical Enzotech block that I found for sale on this forum, and a third 655 from a different forum, then got to modding what I have. First thing I did was mod my spare 655 top to accept G1/4" fittings to reduce it to 1/4", since I did not feel like spending $30 on an aftermarket top. I cut off the stock plastic 1/2" barbs with a dremel, then tapped them with a 1/4" NPT tap. Note that G1/4" and NPT are not exactly identical threads, but in plastic it is "close enough" to work. The first few threads screw in perfectly hand tight, then you torque the last couple with a wrench and it corrects the difference between the straight and tapered threads. Now they screw in perfectly by hand, and I used a beveled drill bit to cut a recess for the O-ring. I was surprised to see that even though the 655/D5 pumps have "permanent" 1/2" ID barbs, the inside routing leading to them is noticeably smaller. I would imagine porting the stock top may actually be worth a bit of flow in a 1/2" tubing setup, but don't have the time nor desire to test that since this loop is using tiny 1/4" ID tubing anything. Nothing too exciting here, this is the finished result - awww, aren't those little barbs cute???: Next step was to mod the block and bracket. This was pretty straight forward...I mocked up the hole spacing using the stock cooler I had lying around from my old card, then drilled it through. I then used a dremel to trim down the edges on the block itself since it will just barely (~1mm)interfere with the bolts I will use to mount it. After that all I will do is bolt it to the card using the stock retaining bracket on the back and some machine screws+bolts. I only pulled the top vanity plate off the card since I want to paint it red, it doesn't need to come off. Here's another boring, crappy pic to show what I needed to trim: Tomorrow I should have my 90* adapters in, so can mock it up and make sure everything fits while I wait my my pump to get here. Fingers crossed I won't have to dremel up the adapters to screw them in, the ports are pretty close together on the block. ***TL;DR*** I am about halfway through putting two Enzotech CPU waterblocks into a crossfire water cooling loop in a custom Mountain Mods Extended Ascension case. Modded my MCP655 to accept G1/4" barbs, and modded the block to bolt through on an AMD GPU. Waiting on pump to arrive to install modded top on it and finish/test loop.
  5. I Just got a new 4770k. I was fully aware beforehand that overclocking isn't as clean and easy as a sandy bridge or even ivy bridge CPU, but myn seems to be worse than I've seen on any thread. With the stock heatsink, my temps at stock were getting to about 37-39 idle with 85-87 load. Verified it was seated properly multiple times, and finally switched to Arctic Freezer Pro, with 35 idle 83 load, then finally to Corsair H80i with 29 idle 69 load. Ambient temps only about 20c, high up in idaho.. Now I have been trying to overclock, but no matter what I try, at just 4.2ghz, it will be completely unstable at anything under 1.295 vcore. Everyone else seems to get "unlucky" ones that take 1.20v at 4.3ghz. What am I missing? I've tried not messing with the ring ratio / voltage, and also putting ring ratio to a variety of voltages and clocks, but no change in stability. I cant go a hair above 4.2ghz either without being unstable, and even with the h80i, my temps at this voltage are hitting 83c at load. MSI Z87A-GD65 motherboard, 16b DDR3 1666mhz 1.5v ram kept at stock voltage and clocks.
  6. Hi! I just received my new rig a few days ago, went ahead and built it, then installed the os and all the soft and overclocked it sucessfully to 5ghz. Here are my components : http://http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139010 CORSAIR HX750 750W Modular http://http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119225 COOLER MASTER HAF X http://http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131830 ASUS Maximus V Gene LGA 1155 Intel Z77 http://http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819116504 Intel Core I5-3570k 3.4Ghz http://http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125422 Gigabyte GTX 680 2GB OC http://http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231428 G.Skill Ripjaws X DDR3 1600 CL9 16GB (4 x 4 GB) http://http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16829102048 Creative Sound Blaster Z (still has not arrived.. should be coming in soon) http://http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=59_202_972&products_id=33549 XSPC RX360 Premium kit with Rev 2 Radiator, D5 Pump, 2000 rpm fans, Primochill primoflex Avanced lrt tubing and Compression fittings Set up in push-pull with the 2 x 200mm fans of the case http://http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=36_48&products_id=28854 NestQ FanMax 5.25'' Fan Controler The I put in an old ocz vertex 2 ssd in there with a seagate barracuda 3tb HDD I had from my old computer. Here are my UEFI Bios settings(the ones I changed from the default, all other will be set at default settings) : Ai overclock tuner : X.M.P. BCLK Frequency : 100.0 (default but thought it would be relevant to write it here) Turbo Ratio : Manual Ratio Synchronizing Control : Enabled 1-Core Ratio limit : 50 Internal Pll Overvoltage : Enabled Cpu Voltage : Manual Cpu Manual Voltage : 1.375 Cpu Pll Voltage : 1.8 (Auto usually has it running at 1.816-1.82, so I set it at 1.8 which is a little lower so cooler) Cpu Spread Spectrum : Disabled BCLK Recovery : Disabled In Cpu Advanced power management : CPU Ratio : 50 Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology : Disabled CPU C1E : Disabled (was causing my cpu to throttle even with Speedstep disabled) CPU C3 Report : Disabled CPU C6 Report : Disabled CPU C7 Report : Disabled In DIGI + Power control: CPU Load-Line Calibration : Ultra High Cpu Voltage frequency : Manual CPU fixed frequency : 350 Cpu Power Phase control : Extreme Cpu Current Capability : 140% Cpu Thermal Control : 130 In Advanced Tab: Internal Adaptive Thermal Monitor : Enabled Active Processor cores : all Limit CUPID Maximum : Disabled Execute disable Bit : Enabled Intel Virtualization Technology : Disabled Hardware Prefetcher : Enabled Adjacent cache line Prefetch : Enabled So This is my setup. I am running the Watercooling kit on the CPU only but plan to buy a GPU block to add it to the loop later on. I have tried changing the pll voltage down a bit (1.7, 1.75) but my OC gets unstable. I also tried to turn down load line calibration which on High seemed to be doing fine but had a Prime95 crash on blend mode after about 8 hours. As is, I have completed a 100 tests on Very High in IBT with success and then a 12 hour run on Prime95 blend mode without any errors. I really reached my wall at 5ghz cause at 4.9 Ghz I could have a 12 hour prime95 blend run completed without errors on 1.325 vcore, 1.8 pll, high load line calibration and everything else set as with this config with really low temps. I used the X.M.P. option so I'm running my memory at the recommended settings : 1.5v 1600 mhz 9-9-9-24. Right now while running Prime95 my temps are at 32 degrees for the minimum heat on my 3rd core(hottest core), and 82 Degrees maximum heat on the same core. Average temp while running prime95 blend is about 67 on the hottest core. While running very cpu intensive games (I'm mostly a gamer and movie/music listener.. I don't use it to compile or any other proffesional needs except the occasional visual studio build compilation) like Arma II : operation Arrowhead my average temps are about 45 degrees on the hottest core (3rd) @ about 45% CPU utilization. I was wondering if you guys would do any further tweaks to the settings or if you would change anything to get more performance with less heat or anything of the sorts. I would also like to know if this is suitable for a 24/7 setup. I never close my computer... well only if I leave on a trip for several days. I want to be sure this is going to be safe as an everyday OC. I also have a 2nd screen where I have RealTemp and CoreTemp set up to monitor my temperatures so I will always be able to see (thinking of installing rainmeter up again with the meters so I don't have to open the softwares every time I reboot). Here are some pics : http://http://valid.canardpc.com/2686182 **** CPU-Z Validated ***** *Once I completed my 12 hour stress tests I forgot to take a screen shot and closed Prime95, same thing with IBT.. so I started it again now on my 6th hour... will re-post fresh pics of it when it's done and successful.* Also using firefox while running the tests .. watching vids on youtube So yeah like I said, any tweaks you guys would make? Any changes to my settings would be more optimal? Is this a safe OC for 24/7 oriented towards gaming and media playback? Are these good results ? Please, I'd appreciate any feedback at all
  7. The purpose: Because once you start modifying PCs you need another shot time and time again I have decided to build something for myself this time. I have made previous builds for others. One modified but still held back due to money concerns. This time it is for me and no cutting corners. I did want it to serve a purpose. For this build I am completely removing two purposes of my regular family PC. Which is gaming and folding. Especially folding will be the big purpose. Most of the time it will be used for folding 24/7. The build title is an adaptation of a line one of my sponsors uses. KFA2 uses "Play hard, game harder", for this project I have adapted it to "Game hard, Fold harder". Which basically means this build can be used for heavy high resolution high FPS gaming, but for a larger portion of the day it will be used to aid (medical) research through folding using software of [email protected] and B.O.I.N.C. The high end hardware will serve both purposes very well. At a later point I will explain more what folding is all about for those that are not completely up-to-date with the term folding. I hope to promote the cause that is folding to a large audience with this buildlog. The plan: The plan is to completely modify a Silverstone TJ07. The theme will be completely black with orange accents. The shape that will be used a lot is that of the hexagon. About every panel of the case will see some sort of modifying. But it won't be a screaming build. It will be tastefull and have a clean look. The build will be using a i7-3770k (at first at least), overclocked to what the custom watercooling loop can handle. So max overclock for a 24/7 working system. It will feature the famous Samsung low voltage overclocking ram (also OC'd to the max) and two or three Nvidia GTX670 cards again under water and max overclocked. All wiring will see full custom sleeving. There will be multiple windows (with engravings). The cooling hoses that will be in sight are going to be made of acryl / plexi tubing. That is if it won't hamper the cooling performance too much. I don't want to spoil everything yet since that takes away the fun for me. I will update the thread in a chronological way. I want to keep some stuff a secret to hopefully surprise a few members. Execution: I have started the build a few weeks / months back. I didn't want to start a buildlog untill I could keep the thread flowing for a while with updates. I am not done with this build/mod yet. It will take a good amount of weeks to finish it. Sadly I am not a millionaire to buy everything day 1 . First things first. The cse itself. I bought it used (because it was cheap and because I was going to modify it anyway). So here are a few pictures of her. Look at what the previous owner did. The complete front full of ugly stickers, a big touchscreen fancontroller and knobs. YUCK. An additional top fan for who knows what reason. Holes in the top mesh and glue to fix it :facepalm: he case was even missing one of it's casefeet. How can you lose one of those? Next update: cleaning this baby up. Looking at the damage done and fixing her up.
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