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Found 4 results

  1. Ok, I am running the following system... ASrock Z77 Extreme4 Motherboard, I7 3770 (non k), 8GB DDR3 1600 (2X4 CL9), 1280MB GTX 570 TwinFrozrII Video Card, 2X120GB SSD In Raid0 (intel 520), Coolermaster 1000W PSU 27" Samsung LED Monitor 1080P Being that this is the NonK chip, I cant really overclock it, and the small amount that I can, isn't really worth it. I am selling off the GTX 570 and am in the process of doing research on a good Card to replace it with. I am trying to get back into the gaming scene, and with this card, its really showing its age on current titles. On FFIX ARR, I have to turn everything almost off in quality settings to run it at 1080P at 60FPS. I guess my real question is, should I keep using what I am using? OR should I maybe look into building something with the 4th gen i7 and upgrade the whole pc?? I also was thinking about going to AMD for an 8 Core, but from all the reviews and posts I have read, it doesn't seem if any if at all, an upgrade from what I am using. The parts are all about a year old since I got them, and everything works great, but should I be looking to build something newer? Any thoughts would be great. Thanks!
  2. Hi my old pc's psu died a few days ago and i decided it was time for a upgrade . The new parts are underway and i would like to overclock my cpu. My soon to come new motherboard does have OC genie II but is that any good? New Pc specs: Core i7 2700k MSI Z77A G45 Coolermaster hyper 212 evo 8gb kingston hyper X @ 1333mhz EVGA gtx 660ti 2gb signature 2 edition xfx pro xxx edition 750w psu i would like 4.3 ghz or something close to that, will that be possible? Like i said it is my very first OC
  3. Hi Guys, One of my friends suggested i post here regarding my overclocking issues with my 2600k and age (maybe also windows 8...) The CPU used to be a decent overclocker, able to do 5.1 GHz on 1.385v and LLC lvl 10 for shorter stints (staying below 80 degrees celcius), and 4.5ghz as my 24/7 oc using 1.305v and LLC lvl7, super stable and always below 65 degrees celcius. Recently I upgraded to windows 8 (had the release preview and then used the upgrade discount), and since then i've had trouble getting my pc to boot up on anything above 4.5ghz (even tried 1.45v LLC 7 for 4.6GHz), and even on 4.5Ghz it is not stable for any decent length of time, giving me "machine check exeption" or "system service exception" or "dpc watchdog violation" bsod names, all going away once I back off the OC to something like 4.2 GHz on 1.32v and LLC off... I've had this CPU for just about two years now, on the same gigabyte p67a-ud7-b3, the same silver arrow cpu cooler and the same corsair HX750w psu (the silver efficiency one) Is this only processor aging? Is my chip dying? Could it maybe even be my motherboard or psu?
  4. this i dont need anymore, ...if anyone's interested, i'd gladly accept $40 paypal, shipped it's been used effectively for at least a year and served me well... no it has never been opened, modified or tampered with... http://www.xoxide.com/danger-den-mc-tdx-water-block-for-lga-1156-i3--i5--i7.html i also have the matching Swiftech MCR320 "Quiet Power" Triple 120mm Radiator that went with it
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