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  1. ok everyone I have just about had it with this machine. I ordered thermalpaste I went with artic silver and I'm using artic clean because of a loud fan sounds like dentist drill low pitched now the hard drive is making clicking sounds when I looked up sounds made by my hard drive comapny it says the heads on the drive are going bad. Not surprising considering when I ent ti in to fix the screen about 3 months ago they replaced it with a recertified drive. I have had problems with refurbishd parts forever never use them. So anyway since I have to replace it I figured get something decent so I was thinking one of the WD black drives my enclosire supports 9.5 mm a ssd is to pricey for me right now. That being said the Restore disks I made are memorex and not working apprently they are not compatible with hp so I have been told. Would have been nice if staples told me that but whatever. I cans till acess all of the data so i have one of two options get the resotre disks and reinstall of my programs or I can get a sata to usb and copy the disk. Which is recommended by everyone. consdering this literally just started awhile ago is it possible I have time to get the data off? Or should I just get the disks? Also correct me if I'm worng but if I went the clone drive way I would take the adapter and plug the drive in through that then format the drive and take the acronis tru image software from wd website and just clone the drive and I'm good to go right? I just want to make sure because I never did anything like this before. also when it means a 9.5mmheight that means that a 7mm drive can fit in there it just wont take up the whole depth wise right? I tend to stay away from laptops lol,
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