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Found 14 results

  1. I haven't kept up-to-speed on computer builds for quite a while, and I can really use some help. I upgraded my mobo, cpu and memory a couple years ago, but retained my old 9600 GSO video card. Recently, I downloaded a trial version of Fallout 4 (from Steam) and it would not run on my system........pretty sure the video card is not sufficient to allow the game to run. So, I'd like to upgrade to something that will run games on my 27 inch monitor (2560 x 1440), but I don't need top-of-the-line performance. I plan to build a complete new rig sometime in the future (as soon as the chipmakers straighten out the Spectre and Meltdown problems), but until they do I will keep the current build and only upgrade the GPU. Here is what I need: dual monitor support (currently run a 27 inch with a DVI connector, and a 24 inch with a VGA connector and a VGA-DVI adapter) ability to run games on the 27 inch monitor @ 2560 x 1440 I don't really need really high framerates good low price no excessive power requirements I sure can use the help.........all advice is appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Hi All, I am thinking about giving my PC an upgrade. I discussed which SSD to get in another topic and I'm pretty much settled on one of two options will pick one of them later this week. Now, I'm thinking either to upgrade my GPU possibly get GTX 960, GTX 970 or maybe the GTX 1070 or getting a new CPU - Board - RAM I know the difference between both upgrade options. One will boost my graphic experience. The other will boost my overall experience but the graphics department will not experience that much of a change. I want your opinion on which path shall I choose. Currently, I casually game every once in a while. I mostly play Hearthstone and sometimes Starcraft 2. And occasionally Assassins creed, Blacklight. I did not experience any significant lag with my current machine but it sometimes happens. So, which path shall I choose? For the GPUs, I want to get GTX 970 or 1070 when its released but I don't want to pay more than 280$ (after shipping and import fees) in a GPU for a system that will not be handling a ton of games like I used to do. So with the current prices, the GTX 960 sounds the appropriate choice. However, I want to know will it perform well on a big 42 - 50 Inch TV at 1920x1080? Or shall I try and find a cheaper GTX 970? My current card, the GTX 275 is doing very well on my 20 inch screen with 1600x900 res. But I will get either a 27 inch screen with 1920x1080 and a TV for movies..etc with the same res. Or probably will skip the monitor, and get a 50 inch TV. Let me know what you guys think of which path shall I choose and if you have any recommendations as where to find a good deal for the GTX 970?
  3. I am playing The Division beta and I'm looking to upgrade so I can play this game on Ultra settings and a reasonable FPS. Current benchmarks show AMD's are beating the nVidia's by up to 20FPS in some settings (see ) My current rig: CPU: Core i5 2550K (Sandy Bridge) at 4.5Ghz Mem:8Gb Corsair vengeance @ 1648Mhz GPU: nVidia GTX770 2gb I run everything fine with High settings and shadows down to Low/Mid my FPS maintains around 50ish out of combat and 30ish in combat My question is should I spring for a GTX970/980 or should I consider a system rebuild to avoid bottlenecks? I'm not really wanting to do a full system build again so I'm leaning to just getting a new GPU, but what are your guys' thoughts? I was also thinking of just getting another GTX770 and doing SLI because doesn't DX12 and Windows 10 to combine the video memory to 4gb then rather than sharing the 2gb from one card? Thanks for any input!
  4. So I'm sure somewhere buried in these forums there is a similar post , but I'm going to jest be a rebel. When I game for long periods of time my card is topping out at 82C, does this seem right? I heard these cards run hotter but dang my old 5850 topped out at 60c. Lemme know, Thanks!
  5. So I purchased a sapphire r9 280x Tri-oc (uefi) which is advertised as being able to run 3 monitors without the need for a display port cable with certain requirements. supports up to 3 display monitor(s) without DisplayPort 5 x Maximum Display Monitor(s) support To support 3rd monitor without DisplayPort cable connected, 2 of the 3 monitors should be the same model with DVI ports connected. The driver version should be v13.12 or above. My current 2 monitors are the same (dell u2412m's) and hooked up via DVI cables. I'm trying to add a third (not the same monitor) with an HDMI cable. My computer recognizes the monitor but won't output anything and both my display settings and AMD's CCC won't let me extend the desktop to it. My drivers are up to date as well, something like 14.12 so it's not that. Was I lied too? is there some weird ritual I must perform? Sacrifice a goat? Anything? I just cannot for the life of me get this to work. Attachced is a picture of CCC recognizing the monitor, but beyond that there's nothing. No output, nothing. I've tried sapphire's customer support but they just randomly stopped talking to me, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. hi all its been some time that i have been on here. this is my gaming rig that i have been working on in 2014. can u all rank my gaming rig, and give in put/feed bake on the weak components upgrand options ? Case/Tower, Antec GX700 Monitor, 1 ASUS VS247 1920 by 1080- 1080p GPU, EVGA 980 sc MoBo, ASRock z87 Extreme 6 PSU, COOLER MASTER Silent Pro M2 RSA00-SPM2D3-US 1000W Ram, G.SKILL Sniper serirs 2X4 8gs 2133 CPU, Intel i5 4670K 3.4 ghz over clocked to 4.3 GPU, Cooler, CORSAIR Hydro Series H110 SSD, Samsung 830 128 G 2-500g WD HHD Head set, Razer Tiamat 7.1 Gaming Mouse, Mad Catz R.A.T.7 Key board, Steelseries Merc Stealth OS, Windows 7 Professional 64 bit Yamaha 5.1 surrond sound i am thinking a better Monitor is in need maybe something with G-SYNC to set this setup off?
  7. Looking for some opinions on which board and GPU combo to buy. The ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 with 780 GTX 3GB ($56.74 more) or Asus Crosshair V Formula-z(out of stock everywhere I would buy) with 770 GTX 4GB? I will be doing a dual monitor setup on this and plan on playing some MMO and BF4. The majority of use will be adobe photoshop and VPN into work. I was wondering what your opinions were either way. I think ROG sounds cool but I am not sure how much I would actually use it. Seems like once your overclocking is set to something stable you would just keep it there. Planning on pairing with these components FX-8350 Crucial M500 480GB 2.5-inch Internal SSD THOR V2 case Corsair 760i ps H100i cooler DDR3 1866 32GB
  8. Does someone have GPU that don't need? I'm gamer but i dont have money, i wanna experience better preformance. If someone have GPU that it's not in use, or u dont know what u gonna do with it. PM me and ill send u my address, i can take care of postage.
  9. Guys it's been a while since i made my rig, i got a PALIT gtx 560ti 2gb, i would love to add some tubes on it, i thought it was imposible, because i havent seen any gpu waterblock for it.. but now i've found some universal gpus.. they say in their specifications Swiftech MCW82 Extreme Performance "Universal" GPU water-block Compatibility with stock mounting ATI Single GPU RadeonTM 1800, 1900, 3800, 4800, 5800, 6800, and 6900 series nVidia
  10. Ancient once again i come to the pros, i could use some input and ur thoughts? OK i have 4 days til payday and im making my move with the EVGA GeForce GTX 770 SC Classified 4GB just not sure if it would be better to go with open air or a blower coolers in my setup... i like both. i well be doing 2 of this in SLI soon in a sum of 1000 bucks.. i have cpu Water Cooler setup in the top of my case with 2 140mm fans setup in pull and a 120 in back both exhausting out heat, and two 120mm intake fans on the front, with 1 120 fan on the left side of case for GPU aswell as a 140fan on the out side HD cage for added gpu cooling (MOD ). like most things when it comes to a powerful PC its the heat, ( open air is great for cooling but dumps their 60 to 70c + heat in the case/tower and stressing other components like my water cooler this dose not seem right in my case. thinking that they well make my cpu run hotter... these are just my thoughts. this is my baby https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/... Case/Tower Antec GX700 1 ASUS VS247 display 1920 by 1080 mobo, ASRock z87 Extreme 6 COOLER MASTER Silent Pro M2 RSA00-SPM2D3-US 1000W Ram, G.SKILL Sniper serirs 2X4 8gs 2133 CPU, i5 4670K 3.4 ghz ( OC to 4.3 ) Cooler, CORSAIR Hydro Series H110 SSD, Samsung 830 128 G 2-500g WD HHD Video Card, 560 OC ( way under powered ) CREATIVE Titanium Fatal1ty sound card rat-7 mouse Steelseries Merc Stealth Windows 7 64 bit
  11. Hi! My System is suddenly behaving odd. Recently my setup which is Motherboard : P6X58D-E CPU i930 Mem Gskill F3-16000 Cooling Noctua P12 Graphics XFX 5870 Recently my Bios only recognized 4GB of Ram from my 6 Gig. I tried all modules seperately and single and they all worked in each slot. When i put all 3 in though and overclock only 4Gb were found. With default settings it found 6GB. So Asus recommendedd to flash the BIOS which i did. No i have the weirdest behaviour. It detects the 6gb now but as soon as i log into windows and the marvell Gigabit nwteork adapter is enabled my GPU gets 100% load and rund up to a 100Degrees cutting out. If i unplug the network and disable the controller it stops. I have no idea wtf is going on anymore. Anyone any iedas ?
  12. Looking for a cheapish upgrade on my GTX 260's. Might be running into some PC directed cash in a few days. I want something reasonably power efficient, i think anything recent has to be more efficient that these pigs im running, and something that i can get for 100-140 bucks. Not adverse to buying used so any suggestions are welcome. I will order from newegg or amazon US. It will be folding 24/7 so reliably, cool and efficient are big musts. But as i said before anything in this range will likely be cooler and more efficient than my current cards. So far i have been looking at this "GeForce GTX 650 1GB 128-bit GDDR5" which is currently going for 94 on the egg. Or there is a 640 for 80 free shipping on amazon. Plenty of options, i just need advice on what will get me the best PPD per dollar in this range. Thanks guys.
  13. So since yesterday lunch time i haven't been able to get any gpu wus and the server status page put most of the gpu servers at "Down". I check this morning and i still haven't received any wus but the servers are now incommunicado, they are not listed as down or any similar listing they are simply not listed... http://fah-web.stanford.edu/pybeta/serverstat.html Can't find anything from stanford on this yet but will post it if i do. Edit: stats are back up but they are still listed as down or reject. Anyone know anything?
  14. Sup guys, The video card in question My card doesn't have the red shroud since it performed a lot better without it for along time. The fan is not dead per-se since it tries to spin, the thing is that it's so heavy on the bearings that it doesn't go. Right now I have the GPU underclocked to oblivion with a house fan pointed at it and and the temp is sitting @ 94C with just a youtube video playing. Can this be saved or at least extend its time? Thanks guys.
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