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Found 2 results

  1. hey guys this is my first post so bare with me... basically my device manager is not picking up the igpu, it picks up the radeon hd 6670 fine,no problem but the intergrated chip it will not at all show up in there at all, now i have been searching far and wide to try and crack this but still i have no idea, i have been in to my bios settings advanced settings integrated settings and absolutley no where is there an option to activate my igpu anywhere, i've even updated my moards firmware to see if thats the fix but no!!! so if any one can help my system is a---- P8Z68V-LE ASUS RUNNING THE LATEST BIOS VERSION RADEON HD 6670 I5 PROCESSOR 4GB RAM, what i do not want t ohave to do is reset the cmos completeley and install everything again bit by bit to see what is up my bios is configured to a point it would take me weeeeeks to get back, so any ideas will be much appreciated. Stealthcode. well... i managed to fix this minuets after the post SYSTEM AGENT CONFIGURATION is what i need to be looking for found in the advanced settings....
  2. I got this multifunction device Hp PSC 1315 from friend, because he says that it suddently stop printing, yet it scan well - for this only thing. Scanning. It is a compact thing: http://http://content.hwigroup.net/images/products/xl/000634/hp_psc_1315.jpg ...with the lift off top for the scanning: http://http://www.superwarehouse.com/images/products/hp_psc_1315.jpg This is the interface: HP PSC 1315 interface ...yet on mine is in the number of Copies (as shown "1") are shown "E" and the red LED diode on the "Check printer cartridge" is flicking. No real reactions on the buttons anyway. Except more flicking LEDs, lol. Using the latest v4.2.1 drivers from there: http://http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareCategory?os=181&lc=en&cc=us&dlc=en&sw_lang=&product=374568#N216 In Photoshopu with the "Import / hp psc 1310 series TWAIN..." it shown this window: HP PSC 1315 scan ...it witch nothing works. That is on Windows 2000 SP4 with the HP "Win2k " drivers v4.2.1 witch obviously did not work on W2k. Windowns of course claim that all is OKAY: HP PSC 1315 test passed ...and there was not a problem with the install. Using the WIA interface it tell me, that the scanner is busy, probably by "other application": On Windows XP SP 1.0a it looks much better: ...yet still refusing to scan anythng. But once I did managed to make it scan. (IIRC I opened the door for the cartridges, close it and use the WIA preview for scan...?) But on reboot/shotdown it stoped scanning again and never do it. Yet I have few scans I did with it as a proof: http://http://jirilitschka.wz.cz/g.php?p=vtipy&d=1&v=v2 So I'm getting pretty angry with this thing and I tried Win XP SP3 - yet no change. Then I managed to find a czech version of the install CD drivers v4.2.0 - yet this is very slightly older, I tried it on clean Win XP SP1.0a again. And again nothing All is OK, yet the printer still complaining about rhe cartridges and refuse to scan, when I already scanned so well!!! :mad: This is crazy. Obviously HP PSC 1315 not working with a Active Jet AH-657N and AH-656N cartridges, however it did scan for my friend and it even show that me - but just a show. What can I do to make it scan? I absultely did not want to print with such problematic thing, the whole section can be ripped off. But what to do to make it scan? Or is there a firmware downgrade possible to even make it back working with the cartridges?! Anyone have, preferably the smaller web drivers, any older version of the drivers that the v4.2.0 ...? ( http://http://ulozto.cz/xtYWQEPD/hp-psc-1315-driver-v4-2-0-cz-rar )
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