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  1. So... in about a month I will have my first salaried job with a generous weekly paycheck and I would like to make a considerable upgrade to my gaming PC! But first I need some input from you guys... So I'm just gonna share the upgrades that I was considering, and let you guys nudge me in the right direction. As far as budget goes, I have next to no debt and minimal living expenses which means, I should be able to swing $700-900 for this initial upgrade... (Not including a seperate budget for upgrading my monitor) That being said I'd still like the most bang for my buck. Any help you guys can give me would be much appreciated! Also... (as mentioned above) I plan on upgrading my monitor... But I have some pretty in depth questions regarding: - AMD's Project "Free Sync" vs Nvidia's "G-Sync"... - Various desktop resolutions... - Multi-monitor setups... - Connection types... - And anything else I can think of... Which is why I plan on posting all that in a seperate thread and I'll add/edit the link HERE, once it is posted... Thanks! Firstly, I suppose I should go over my current build: -------------------- -Mobo: GA-Z79X LGA 1150 -CPU: i5-4670K @ 3.4GHz -GPU: R9 280x Overclocked Edition -RAM: G.SKILL 16GB DDR3 1600 -SSD: OCZ 240GB -HDD: Seagate 500GB (I simply pulled it out of an old laptop for a temporary storage solution.) -PSU: Corsair CX 750w -CD/DVD: Asus 24X DVD Burner -Wireless: Asus PCE-N15 Adapter -Soundcard: Asus Xonar DX 7.1 Channel -------------------- And that is basically what I'm working with at the moment. So... I suppose I will just post the upgrades I'm currently considering based on there priority. -------------------- 1. SSD: OCZ 240GB and Dual SSD Mounting Kit (To match my existing SSD, so I can run them in a RAID-0 configuration for booting my OS and gaming.) 2. Heatsink: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO (So I can finally OC... Also some new thermal paste and I'll of course need some thermal material remover.) 3. GPU: R9 280x Overclocked Edition (Yes, I plan on getting a second R9 280x to run in Crossfire so I can hit my FPS goals while gaming in 1080p or higher.) 4. HDD: 2TB Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM (This will replace my 500GB laptop HDD for storing various media, some lesser played games, etc...) 5. Fans: 2x COUGAR Vortex Case Fans (A nice match for my COUGAR Volant case... and should provide adequate cooling.) 6. Disc Drive: Pioneer 16x Blu-Ray Disk Burner (My main goal is to shoot for a Blu-Ray burner that is silent/read and quiet-ish/write... Any reccomendations?) -------------------- This list so far puts me at about $700 which is well within my current budget... If you could just let me know what you guys think. 1. Are my priorities in the right place? 2. Are there any upgrades I overlooked that didnt make the list? 3. And/or are there any alternative brands/models/etc.. For any of the products on this list that I should consider? I would like to sincerely thank you guys for any input I recieve on the subject... The forums here have been an invaluable resource for advice so far... As a matter of fact I owe my current build to user dragonsdontfly... Thanks buddy for helping me build my first rig. Anyways thats all I've got at the moment. -H37
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