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Found 16 results

  1. Well its about dang time. Got my I7 3930K and Intel Siller Dx79SI Back in tow. New HDD, Psu and fresh OS so I decided it was time to push it up again. Mild overclock, not breaking any air cooling records but Finally some good times overclocking again. SO whats you guys overclocking right now.
  2. Hello occ community i recently switch over to a 4790k, i was wondering if my temps are in a good range or not. i currently have it around hitting 70c @100% @ 4.5
  3. Helllo i am new to overclocking thing and just wanted to know that if itis possible to overclock my system my system board model is xw4600 with Intel X38 Express North Bridge/ICH9R South Bridge chipset
  4. Hi folks, First post here, hope I a in the right place for the thread, ok so I have bought an ASRock X79 Extreme 6 and Intel i7-4930k combo. I am trying to find uefi settings for this combo but fresh outta luck, I am using BIOS version 3, I run a Corsair H100i liquid cooler on the CPU and that did my last i72600k @ 4.9ghz very nicely. Ok so I am struggling to use the auto or EZ OC at 4.6, 4.8 forget it but 4.6 is struggling, the fixed voltages are like 1.45 and that to me is too high for sure, ok so guys, can anyone or does anyone know of the uefi settings I should be manually dialing into this combo? I am aiming for 4.8 eventually but just not having success, with this combo, the i7-2600k and Z68 Extreme 4Gen3 board I had prior was a cinch, this is not looking so good, I ummmmed and arrrred about this upgrade and I am not reaping 4.6 without high voltages and 4.8 forget it. Could anyone please help me and share your expertise with the main uefi settings I should be dialing in? CPU-Z validation page is here: http://valid.x86.fr/q1919f Many thanks in advance guys Cheers Mat
  5. Hello, I just built a rig for my wife and I wanted to have a decent overclock on, but I am new to overclocking. I am having issue with my overclock, and specifically the motherboard maintaining a voltage that will sustain the overclock. I followed the guide from Jays2cents, but overclocked using the unlocked multiplier rather than mess with the clock. I changed all of the similar settings I had on my board, but in Jay's guide he was using an ASUS board that seemed easier and better at OC'ing. Some of the features I was either unable to alter or were not altered: CPU Vcore, NB/PCIe/PLL Voltage, CPU PLL Voltage, VCore Loadline Calibration. All of these settings are still on "Auto". I am assuming one of these settings is the reason I am unable to achieve my desired outcome, but I don't want to type in something incorrectly and mess up the rig. In Windows my system will run at 1.32 volts @ 4.2 ghz, and when I start prime95 the voltage drops to around 1.176 and reduces the frequency to 3.5 ghz. I want to be around 4.6 ghz 24/7, but I don't know that I can accomplish that my limited OC experience. Any help would be much appreciated. System configuration: AMD FX-8320 Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 Corsair H100i extreme Thermaltake tough grand 850w PSU ATI HD 5870's in crossfire OCZ Vertex 460 SSD Corsair Carbide 500R LG DVD Rom Windows 8.1 64 bit. Thanks in advance.
  6. I have a asus gtx 650 ti boost direct cuii gpu.... I need help in unlocking the bios with kepler bios tweaker 1.27 to unlock voltage and power limit...
  7. Hey guys, I am thinking about overclocking my processor but am worried that it will melt, I Use my ROG rampage IV gene and its nice preset bios tools and I wanted to overclock my 3.6Ghz to 4.985Ghz, is that possible without absolutely destroying my processor? I have an Intel i7 3820 LGA2011 socket with intel/astek liquid thermal solution with arctic silver 5 thermal paste, single fan closed circut cooler
  8. Ok as everybody who has been reading my posts know I'm building a rig based around the new a10 7850k in a few weeks. I wondering if anybody has any experience with and gamer series memory? I'm looking at 8gb R9 Series kit rated at 2400mhz or the radeon series 16gb kit rated 2133mhz. Does either have abilities when it comes to over clocking? Currently the 2133 kit only comes in 16gb which I know is a bit extreme usually when it comes to a rig that won't be used for video editing and such. Also if anybody can point me to any reviews that would be great.
  9. Hi, This is my first posting as i just literally just registered on this forums a min ago, so Hello to everyone, as the title says i need help with overclocking my AMD cpu as i have absolutely no knowledge when it comes to overclocking and i have never had any of my old pc's overclocked, I was aiming at overclocking my cpu to 4.0Ghz or higher if possible and would greatly appreciate for anyone who can help / guide me to achieve the overclock. Below is some info about my system, if theres other information you guys require from me to post please let me know and ill make it happened a.s.a.p, thanks in advance R3VOLVAH. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Motherboard: GA-990FXA-UD3 Motherboard Bios Version: F9 Power Supply: Coolermaster 650w Processor: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Processor (6 CPUs), ~3.2GHz Memory: Corsair Vegeance 12.0GB (3 x 4gb)1600mhz Hard Drive: 2TB Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 6870 Sound Card: Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio) OS: Windows 8.1 Professional with Media Centre [x64] Computer Case: Coolermaster Storm Enforcer CPU Liquid Cooler: Corsair Hydro Series H55 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Ok I was just perusing different card reviews and I noticed R7 255 http://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/2464/radeon-r9-255-oem.html It has the exact same graphics specs as Kavarie so my question is this purely out of curiosity if you were to decide to crossfire them would you run into problems because of memory in kaveri being ddr3 and r7 255 having gdddr5 I admit I don't know alot about it.
  11. Hey all, just found this forum and had a read around over the past week in hopes of overclocking my 4670k successfully. I am basically brand new to this and don't 100 percent know what settings I am even looking at because they seem to be named differently on my asrock board compared to some guides I have seen. Anyway down to business, I am trying to get a stable overclock of atleast 4.2ghz but no matter what settings I try, prime95 will crash within seconds of starting a test, before temps even get past the 45 degree mark. Here are some pics, chances are I am doing something horribly wrong. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  12. So i built my first PC almost a year ago, and have been interested in trying overclocking but have pretty much been afraid to try it for fear of breaking something. ive tried looking for other builds like mine and have been unlucky, then i found this site and i figure i might as well ask. so here is my build: Asus sabertooth X58 LGA 1366 MSI R5770 Hawk Radeon 5770 1GB Intel core i7-960 bloomfield 3.2 GHz LGA 1366 130W Quad core 12GB Gskill RAM 750Watt Corsair power supply Corsair H100 Hydro Series water cooler Windows 7 64-bit Antec twelve hundred V3 gaming case so i have MSI afterburner and another program called speedfan, dont know if i need it or not. what id like help with is where do i start? what programs do i need? do i overclock in BIOS or use the MSI afterburner? should i bother overclocking? and anything else you think i might need to know. Thanks to anyone ahead of time who can help
  13. hello oc community i want to overclock my fx-4100 to 4 ghz can i use this cooler for that purpose .. http://www.flipkart.com/cooler-master-hyper-t4/p/itmdgy5zfrdu3bbc?pid=COLDGY5N7FZ8AK5E&ref=31287f6f-0fff-46e0-a897-5bfc9809ae13 if yes then till what range can i take my proccesor with it? please reply fast
  14. hello OC community, i am new here and asking for help overclocking my fx4100 3.6 ghz stock chip.. the specs are as follows- Processor-Amd FX4100 Motherboard-Asus M5a-78m LX Ram- G Skill Ripjaws x 1600mhz GPU-Asus HD7850 direct cu 2 CPU cooling-Stock PSU-Corsair VS 650 watt i would like to overclock my chip to atleast 4 ghz if possible but i dont know where to start ..i have overclocked intel chips before but not amd whenever i try to get it to 3.9ghz after some usage a reboot shows overclocking failed please help and i would be needing step by step instructions. thank you in advance. manick
  15. Hey guys! There was no Forum Wars at TRP this year, sadly, but we're running a smaller competition starting April 2nd. I thought some of you might be interested... It's called Last Man Standing and there will be 4 benchmarks over a 2 week period. Join us if you have time, we'd be glad to have you! More info here Cheers!
  16. Hello does anyone have any experience with this card. I would like to find out how well it overclocks and if the voltages are locked http://www.asus.com/Graphics_Cards/HD7950DC23GD5V2/ Thank you!
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