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Found 8 results

  1. Hello Friends. I am in a bit of dilemma, and this question comes purely out of curiosity. I was running Furmark 1.9 (Standard 720P bench) on some of my Machines to get a idea about their Performance. Guess what, 8570m Scored 303, Onboard 6520G scored 400! To give you an idea, here are the specs of machines- HP G002AX AMD A8 6410 @ 2Ghz, Turbo 2.4 (Beema) (Onbiard R5 Gfx disabled) Dedicated 8570m, 384 GCN shaders, 650mhz core, 900mhz memory 4GB Ram 1TB HDD Furmark 1.9- 303. Acer 5560 AMD A6-3420m @ 1.5 ghz. LLano Onboard 6520g, 320 VLIW shaders, 400mhz core. No dedicated mem, 666mhz system ram, 8GB Ram 1TB HDD Furmark 1.9- 400. As you can see, the 8570 appears to have a clear advantage, mathematically. The CPU, GPU shaders, Clock speeds, everything!. Of course, both Machines were plugged in, Power profile set to HIGH PERFORMANCE and ATI power play to MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE. Please guide regarding the anomaly.
  2. I'm considering buying my very first laptop computer..........my wife has a 17 inch Dell Insipiron, and she likes it. Myself, I've always had a desktop. I'm not sure what screen size.........I've seen some as small as 10.1 inches in the shops, very easy to carry, but not sure if this would be suitable over the long haul.........my first thought was to get a 15.6 inch, but it seems to me that smaller may be better. But when I use the wife's machine, I certainly appreciate the 17 inch screen. I'm really at a loss here..........is bigger better or is smaller? So, I'd love to hear from folks about the best size screen, which is surely a tradeoff between visibility and screen real estate on the one hand, and portablilty and weight and perhaps battery life on the other hand. All comments much appreciated.
  3. Dear all, I am pleased to bring you, The Honest, Most detailed and Practical review of Seagate 1TB LAPTOP SSHD. The Prologue- One fine morning, I wake up to discover that my Primary Desktop computer was dead. All said and done, I had made my mind that this time, my primary computer will be a Laptop, and that did happen. Excitement aside, Moving to laptop also had a few let-downs, and the major one was HDD performance. My desktop PC had some very nice Black edition Drives in RAID 0. As a result, I was able to get SUBSTAINED File copy speeds of 250MB/s and Burst speeds of over 400MB/s. Moving to Laptop's Non-RAID , slow Storage made me feel very claustrophobic. The buy- I had an eye on Seagate's new Hybrid Disks since long. I have spent better part of my Sundays reading reviews and browsing the forums about this revolutionary product. However the earlier models were just 500GB (Seagate Momentus XT) and price was hard to digest. After a few months, Snapdeal offered me to buy the 1TB SSHD model for just a shade over 8k. I booked it immediately and the product was delivered within 3 days. Mind you, seagate did not send the retail package with retail BOX and manual, But an OEM product in Antistatic Bag , Brown cardboard and some bubble wrap. Perhaps the reason it was so cheap. Install- (windows 7 Ultimate 64) I was of thought that i'd restore my System image and be Happy within 20 Minutes. Wrong. After burning the Midnight oil and many failed installs, I figured out that Seagate SSHD is not friendly to Clone or Image installs. Take my word for it. You WILL need a fresh install for it to work, and Internet if full of such episodes. Performance- So here's what you people were waiting for. I Started copying my well over 800GB of DATA. I started in the Morning at 7.30 and the copy had suceeded by night 9pm. Quite longer than I had expected but system was rock stable. The copy was from SONY 1TB USB 3 HDD which gave speeds of around 45~65 MB/s. The Maximum Temperature I had seen was 46.c after a full days of Excersize. Perhaps the performance will open up after the Drive LEARNS usage patterns and caches them. And soon enough, its true after a couple of Restarts, the system boots to desktop in 22 sec. Regular programs like Opera Browser, Messenger, Open office, Desktop widgets, system monitor pop up in a blink. I am finally getting the pleasure of High end RAID array on a laptop. However, the substained speeds and long file transfers still remain a dream. Benchmarks- I have attatched ATTO disk mark screenshots for you. At first I was astonished to see bursts of 450MB/s. As result I ran the benchmark 3~5 times, but the results were consistent. I guess that the SSHD uses pretty high quality NAND cache with Read speeds over 400MB/s. A pat to Seagate on this one. Summary- What I liked- System Boots in 22.sec Regular Programs Pop out in no time Cool operation compared to previous Gen Momentus XT 7200 RPM Less power consumption and decent battery life. Very snappy system FEEL What I didn't like- Non cached Transfers fall back to usual 70~90 MB/s of traditional laptop HDD Spindle speeds of only 5400 RPM opposed to Previous Gen 7200 RPM. Quite Expensive in India compared to USA and Europe. OEM product available compared to Retail BOX as advertised by Seagate. Should you buy one? HELL YEAH! Links- http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/reviews/178709-samsung-np355e5x-honest-review-oc-amd-apu-vision-e1-1-4ghz-amd-7310-2gb-ddr3-500gb.html
  4. As everybody knows over the last month or so my laptop has been running hot. So everyone has suggested reapplying my thermal paste. I will be ordering it in a couple of days. Is there a particular brand thats works better than others with laptops or will anyone do just like with desktops. Also would a dried out lysol wipe make a good cloth for cleaning with the Articlean Thermal paste remover? Also antbody have an opnion on the best hard drive for a laptop hat doesnt support AHCI and SSD's. I have been thinking of a WD black the 7200 rpm
  5. ok everyone I have just about had it with this machine. I ordered thermalpaste I went with artic silver and I'm using artic clean because of a loud fan sounds like dentist drill low pitched now the hard drive is making clicking sounds when I looked up sounds made by my hard drive comapny it says the heads on the drive are going bad. Not surprising considering when I ent ti in to fix the screen about 3 months ago they replaced it with a recertified drive. I have had problems with refurbishd parts forever never use them. So anyway since I have to replace it I figured get something decent so I was thinking one of the WD black drives my enclosire supports 9.5 mm a ssd is to pricey for me right now. That being said the Restore disks I made are memorex and not working apprently they are not compatible with hp so I have been told. Would have been nice if staples told me that but whatever. I cans till acess all of the data so i have one of two options get the resotre disks and reinstall of my programs or I can get a sata to usb and copy the disk. Which is recommended by everyone. consdering this literally just started awhile ago is it possible I have time to get the data off? Or should I just get the disks? Also correct me if I'm worng but if I went the clone drive way I would take the adapter and plug the drive in through that then format the drive and take the acronis tru image software from wd website and just clone the drive and I'm good to go right? I just want to make sure because I never did anything like this before. also when it means a 9.5mmheight that means that a 7mm drive can fit in there it just wont take up the whole depth wise right? I tend to stay away from laptops lol,
  6. Ok everybody I seriously am about to give an idea about how little I buy laptops. The last time I brought anything resembling a laptop cooler it was just a rectangular wire mesh thing the laptop sat on and its own ventilation cooled it. As such I have no idea what to look for in a "modern" laptop cooler. It needs to fit my hp pavillion g7 2240-us which is a 17.3 inch laptop and it not only must fit on my lap as I have no desk I tend to use it lying in bed. So if anybody has a recommendation I would be grateful. The less expensive the better my laptop is over heating to the point its running very hot and literally shutting down to cool off. I checked the hard drive its not damaged yet but I'm beginning to see errors left and right such as programs refusing to work and needing to uninstall them then re installing they work then stop functioning again. Pretty much all of the ventilation for my laptop is in the bottom middle so its blocked no matter what you put it on. Poor design I may add but this is one of the many reason I will never buy hp ever again.
  7. Ok everybody I have a simple question I was thinking of upgrading my laptop and I saw that it could support up to an I7 I have an I3 I'm using HP Pavillion G7 2240-us I talked to hp and they confirmed it is upgradeable but ridiculously expensive. It uses a g2 socket I have my cpu and I'm using the rip jaws 8gb dual channel 1600 MHz memory. Now it also says that my computer can come with radeon hd 7670m discrete graphics. Know does that already have to be on the motherboard or can you get the chip and install it? I looked into getting the motherboard but everyone of the g7 series that an intel cpu and amd graphics they no longer carry they sent me a list of parts vendors that might carry it but before I but it I was wondering if there was a compatibility issue or anything of a similar nature that caused it to no longer be carried?
  8. I am new to laptops. I am close to buying the hp hp dv7t or the hp dv6t. I need it for school, but also gaming. Games below directx 10 most likely. Would these work? Or any other suggestions under $1300? Your help is appreciated.
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