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Found 4 results

  1. Hiya, Query on GPU temps. I can't seem to locate any accurate information anywhere as to the max temp tolerance of this Tahiti chip, I have two R9 280X Toxic Editions in crossfire with a 4770k/H100i, in a Corsair 540 Airflow case & Silverstone 1200W Gold PSU , during heavy load ie 1440P Ultra Battlefield 4 gaming, the primary card will reach 79-83 degrees. It drops to 73 sometimes but for the most part it sits around 79 degrees. The secondary card only sits at around 62 which is fine but I wanted to know if the main card is getting too hot, or is an acceptable temperature in this setup. Nothing else overheats, just curious as the GPU temp, the fan ramps up to around 70 odd percent to keep it there, the Toxic edition has temperature leds on it, 6 of them, and at the hottest I have seen it, 4 of them are lit up. Reason I bring it up as most reviews out there see the card peak at 66-70 max, obviously its getting warmed as I have another card right under it but just want to know if I should continue with this or get a more hardcore case? 80 Degrees makes me nervous, however the 290X cruises at 95 from what I hear and sounds like a jet engine. Any suggestions\input would be great Thanks
  2. I was doing some cleaningwork on my pc this week and unfortunately broke a pin off of my p8p67 pro board. This obviously results in having to buy a new board, but it's been a while since i last read up on them and the p8p67's aren't sold anymore. Seeing as i need my pc to be up and running again ASAP i also do not have the time to do a lot of research, so I was hoping for a little help. I'm looking for a budget board for about 100-150 euro's with proper OC abilities. This motherboard is the last component that will be changed as I will not upgrade the system anymore before buying a completely new one in a couple of years. Hence im looking for the perfect fit for this setup. I will list everything about my setup as i'm not 100% sure what matters and what doesn't. My pc is currently equipped with the following components: Casing: -CM Storm Scout Case. -OCZ TX750M PSU. -Scythe kaze Master Pro Fan Controller. -3x 120mm fan, 2x 140mm fan, 1x80mm external fan. -1x dvd writer. Components: -i5 2500k Processor. -Scythe Mugen 2 CPU Cooler. -2x XFX hd6870 Black Ed. (Crossfire). -2x Corsair 4 GB module's (CMV4GX3M1A1333C9). -2x Corsair 2 GB module's (CMV4GX3M2A1333C9). -1x Samsung 840 EVO 250Gb SSD.(MZ-7TE250). -1x Western Digital SATA 2.0Tb HDD (WD20EARS). It would be of great help if any of you would share your knowledge with me.
  3. Hi folks I recently read this article on Tom's Hardware which shows that for multi screen layouts CPU performance, especially with AMD GPUs, CPU power still plays a significant r
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