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Found 3 results

  1. Hey there everyone! Well I have been busy lately! Finished up Grey Matter, started my Fractal Design build, and also started a 4x2CNC build. I took the case feet from my fractal build and moved them to this project because I have a good idea for them. I want to thank the companies so far supporting this build, I appreciate it! About this project: Again I was looking into color schemes that are not often worked with, I wanted to do something unique and creative like Grey Matter, so I decided to use a ROG theme!:thumb: Haha just playing!:duh: I decided on a glossy brushed copper and white theme, I am calling it Cyprus 29. I came up with the name because the first copper mines in the world were located on the island of Cyprus and 29 is the atomic number on the periodic table for copper. I have some copper sheet, white paint and acrylic, brushed copper vinyl wrap. I will be using white Primochill revolvers with 1/2" copper tubing and white pastel liquid. Its going to be an interesting theme and a lot of fun to do! Don't forget to look here for quick links to my updates! I hope to add videos along the way as well! [x] Update 1 : March 10 : Panel work and painting. Theme now visible. [x] Update 2 : March 24 : structure is up! More paint more copper! [x] Update 3 : April 9th : Structure strength and interior panel work. [x] Update 4 : April 22nd : Top pedestal, Fiberglass work. [x] Update 5 : May 5th : Gusset, Shroud, and Sponsors! [x] Update 6 : May27th : Parts came in! Custom LED trim! [x] Update 7 : June 9th : Starting custom waterfall reservoirs! [x] Update 8 : June 24th : Custom reservoir trim! [x] Update 9 : July 10th : z97, Power supply mod, Swiftech sponsors build! [x] Update 10: July 28th : Copper Painted watercooling! CNC time! [x] Update 11 : Aug. 19th : Painting, SSD panel, and Video! [x] Update 12 : Sept. 7th : Finished SSD's, new rear panel, pump enclosure! [x] Update 13 : Oct 5th : Grey Matter tear down, GPU, top panel. [x] Update 14 : Dec 7th : Doors, Top, Bezel! [x] Update 15 : March 1st : Rear Panel, MB and RAM [x] Update 16 : Nov 11th : Finally an update! Its almost done! <> PC Components: [x] Case : Cooler Master HAF 935 [x] PSU : Cooler Master V750w Semi-modular Gold Plus [x] CPU: Intel [x] MoBo: Asus z97 Sabertooth [x] RAM: [x] GPU: 2x Evga 780 GTX [x] SSD: 2x Corsair Force LX 256Gb - Raid 0 [x] Optical: <> Water Cooling System: [x] 2x Handmade acrylic waterfall reservoirs [x] Primochill 1/2"OD PETG Tubing [x] 15x Primochill Nickel Plated Bulkhead [x] 50x Primochill Revolver Fittings - Straight Knurl [x] Primochill Intensifier Sicle Colors [x] Swiftech Apogee XL - Clear - CPU Block [x] 2x Swiftech Komodo-NV GPU Block [x] Swiftech 240mm Radiator [x] Swiftech 360mm Radiator [x] Swiftech PWM MCP35x2 Pump - With Heatsink <> Mod Parts: [x] 1/8" white acrylic sheet [x] 1/8" clear acrylic sheet [x] 3/8" aluminum clockwerk case cubes [x] 3mm white LED [x] Mod/Smart white MaxCord paracord [x] 2x Mod/Smart 20 light LED board Parts bought from MNPCtech.com M3 PC Radiator screws. PC Modders Mesh Sheets. Rubber U-channel panel edge and window trim. Alright. With all that out of the way, lets take a look at this beast of a case. First thing I did was get it out of the box and tear some of it down to start planning the component orientation. Thanks again to Cooler Master North America for the case! :thumb: In case you missed them on he Black Frost Fractal build, here are the beast mode case feet from Casefeet.com. I am going to make copper rings for them. One gripe I found about the case is these glued in filters, they are a pain when it comes to modding. So I proceeded to razor them all out. For the component orientation I decided on, I will be using the small case on the bottom as a pedestal. and I also flipped the case so the back door is now the front window so I can flip the motherboard 270
  2. Hello everyone, I want to add another fan to my HAF-X case. There is only one room for additional fan which is at the top and away from the back panel. Currently the setup is standard one which is Intake: Front 200 mm, Side 200 mm Exhaust: Top left 200 mm, back 140 mm The only place where I can add another one is at the top right or away from the back panel and near the RAM and drives. So when I get it, should I use it as intake or exhaust to create the best balance of negative / positive airflow pressure? The reason why I am thinking about this is because I live in hot environment and yes I do have the AC turned on most of the day but not all of it and I keep my PC turned on for weeks. So there will be a time when the AC will not be turned on and the PC is still running hot. In addition to the fact that recently I lost a HDD probably because of the heat or maybe the device itself might have been faulty but I'd like to make sure that case has as much airflow as possible. I guess that it would be best to use the new fan as an intake fan. But this is only my guess and it can be right or wrong I really do not know. Here is a photo of the case to help you imagine the situation. Waiting for your suggestions!! Thanks in advance.
  3. This is my water loop: XSPC RayStorm High Performance Acetal CPU Liquid Cooling Block - Special Edition Copper Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta Triple 120mm Radiator - 80mm Thick Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta Dual 120mm Radiator - 80mm Thick Swiftech MCP655
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