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  1. Jklein

    Hello everyone

    Alright everybody I have to admit I have lost my mind. But before we get into the insanity a little about myself I'm 31 yrs old. I'm a Certified Medical Assistant and I'm getting a BS in Emergency and Disaster Management. Then probably will also get my Paramedic certification I'm happily married. I'm been using computers and working on them as a hobby for so long I remember when Oregon Trail was cool and on a 5.25 inch disk lol. I also fix computers on the side. So I decided I'm going to build an amazing gaming system. Since I do nothing small I decided to go With the following system: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1BfU8. Few clarifications I know it is absolutely insane to build a system like this and stick it in the cooler master. This is temporary I'm having a custom horizontal desktop case designed in a few months. I'm also putting a dual cooling loop at that time I'll be using two 420mm GTX extremes by black ice. And one loop is going to be dedicated to the cpu and chipset and the other will cool the Video cards and ram. Each loop will use a Swiftech MPC 655. (I know cooling your ram is pointless I just think it look better form an aesthetic point of view and keep in mind my case is going to be see through. Any way The first question I have I have seen gskill memory at 32 gb with a cas latency of 7 only its at 1600 mhz Correct me if I'm wrong but when I overclock it to 2400 the timings will change right? Next would anybody like to hazard a guess on the max Vcore that wont damage my chip? I'm guessing it is 1.6 since it already is 1.5 out of the box. With the rest of the fx series it starts at 1.35 and will go to 1.45 before incurring damage over time. So I'm going with the assumption it's the same if somebody knows otherwise let m know. Dont tell me to look on amd website ::Bangs Head Repeatedly Against Wall:: Been there done that. Eventually I'm planing on adding another video card or two. My other question since this is the first time I'm using raid 0 (20 years of using and working with computers and and first time shocking right?) I know you need to have to blank drives to raid 0 do you need an operating system in order to raid or can you do it on a new build? If not anybody want to recommend a cheap ssd to put my os on? I am using a touch screen monitor with windows 8. I have spent the last 7 months on laptop with windows 8 and it has been horrible. So feel free to comment on the build in general parts in particular. Also considering I'm not building for another month or two anybody think Steamroller will be better and worth using? Also since I brought that up anybody have a prediction on whether it will be a new socket or not?
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