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  1. So hello guys after a year or two of inactivity. I've been out for a long time. A bit of a resumee.. I hope my Signature is stil intact but in case it's not i'll describe my current build (bought in 2010 and still gaming perfectly). Processor: I7 950 3.2ghz Memory; Patriot 3x2gb 1600mhz Monitor: 20" samsung monitor HDD: 1tb WD Watercooling: H60 Watercooling Case: Thermaltake v9 Black Case PSU; Thermaltake 750w GPU: Originally was a EVGA 460gtz but I bought from a friend a Zotac 760 gtx 4gb which I believe is dead or faulty (happened 2 days ago). This forces me to update ALL MY SYSTEM. Basic things. I will play on 1920x1080 Max (once I get a new Monitor, current one supports 1600x900). I will keep the Case, PSU, Watercooling, HDD, and Monitor (for now) I need (can't decide: Processor: AMD (Generally cheapier than Intel but regarding performance is lower so.. INTEL (I was thinking in i7 7700k 4.2ghz or 8700 3.2ghz. a) what is the deal with the K on intels? I do not plan on overclocking. Never did, never will. b) Hhere is a comparisson and the 8700 is less power consuming, right? Cooler also. I don't know why would I need something like 4.2ghz looks too extreme https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/compare-products.html/processors?productIds=140642,97129 Motherboard.. Been out of hardware industry for a long time.. so I don't have ANY idea what to look for. For sure I do not want a GAMING Motherboard with lights and fancy expensive things. I want a solid motherboard with 1x PCI Express ( I don't think I will add 2 cards never). USB 3.0 (all mobos have) and 4 DIM Slot could be better than 2. GPU: I'm pretty sure I will still choose Nvidia 1060gtx 6gb (probably the Gigabyte). Never bought AMD so It might be good but I trust on nvidia.. except for my shitty Zotac... (we can discuss about it later) Memory: 2x8gb 2400mhz (no more Mhz or Size) That is plenty enough for me. I saw a Corsair for a decent Price.
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