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  1. This is the current PC, Antec Black usb 3 case, not sure the model, but moderate in size Asrock B75 Pro-3 M Motherboard Intel i5 3330 Quad Core 3.0Ghz with 3.2Ghz Turbo Boost (Locked Multi) Hyper 212 Cooler 24GB DDR3 1600Mhz 240GB Mushkin SATA III Solid State CoolerMaster 1000W PSU Currently Windows 7 Pro Installed w/ Windows 10 Notifier for upgrade when available. Samsung 27" LED Monitor (Just a 1080P 60Hz) I have been toying with the idea of tossing a video card in the pc, so I can play some pc games. I currently have been out of the pc gaming loop for quite some time. The last video card that I bought was a GTX 570, and that was around when I quit pc gaming. Looking to get back, so I was doing some research on some cards that caught my interest. I will be playing at only 1080P for the moment, and pretty much sticking at that resolution. Here are the top few cards that I have narrowed it down to: 1.GTX 970 4gb 2. R9 390 8gb 3. R9 280x 3gb I was leaning more towards the 970 more and more but here is the thing. I keep fearing that the current setup is going to bottleneck. mainly the CPU. A few of my friends told me not to worry about the CPU as an i5 at 3.0ghz stock should be more than enough. The funny thing about me even listing the 280x even though its an old card, is that a friend of mine offered to sell me his windforce gigabyte 280x for $100 bux. I'm not really looking to drop a lot of money on a new gaming card, as I keep thinking to myself, that I would have to upgrade the CPU, and at that rate, if I will be doing that, I should just buy an 1150 motherboard, and go for a 4790K or something along those lines. But I am trying to keep my budget lower. Not really looking to dump money on a whole new system build, as this one is totally new really inside and out. I apologize if I am rambling here, but I need some solid advice if I can please. The 280x seems like the best overall deal, but would it be worth going to the 390 or 970? Would any of these cards bottleneck the system at all? Is the i5 too weak to play the new games that are coming out? Thank you all so much in advance!
  2. Hi first of all very thanks for reading my topic I'm building a new PC which is budget range and I am using some parts from my previous PC I am thinking of going amd so I need suggestion as I've never used or built an amd system (used only Graphics Card), so far I've chosen these components (suggest anything better if think) CPU - AMD FX 6300 RAM - 2x2 Gb ddr3 (will upgrade later) GPU - HD 7770 (old from previous pc) HDD - 500 GB WD blue (old from previous pc) Power supply - generic 400w power supply (old from previous pc) Motherboard - still not decided need help So far I've picked these two for my mobo (please suggest only gigabyte or Asus mobos) Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 and Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 I dont know which to choose please favor gigabyte and cheap one as gigabyte is easily available at my location and i fear that as the gigabyte one is having 8 pin CPU power supply and i only have 4 on my psu will it work ? All replies are much appreciated
  3. I've always been a fan of AMD, I like their products and their price accordingly. However, there are tons of people that choose Intel over AMD. To start I'll compare my CPU that I've owned for almost 3 years now, to an Intel chip that runs at just about the same speed. Here. AMD Phenom II965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz (OC'd to 3.8 GHz) - $99.99 vs. Intel i7-4820K Ivy Bridge 3.7GHz (Turbo 3.9 GHz) - $324.99 Why is there such a huge price difference if supposedly they run approximately at the same speed? note; I've played on some Intel Core built PCs that are way more powerful than I imagined. What am I missing here?
  4. I have a 1280MB MSI GTX 570 Twin FrozrII And a friend of mine is getting out of pc gaming and offered to sell me his Sapphire R9 280X Dual card for $310. He said he paid $500 for it, not sure what its really worth.. Is this a worthy upgrade? I7 3770 Non K (Stock Clock) 8GB DDR3 1600 2X 120GB SSD RAID0 Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 Board CoolerMaster 1000W PSU
  5. Ok, I am running the following system... ASrock Z77 Extreme4 Motherboard, I7 3770 (non k), 8GB DDR3 1600 (2X4 CL9), 1280MB GTX 570 TwinFrozrII Video Card, 2X120GB SSD In Raid0 (intel 520), Coolermaster 1000W PSU 27" Samsung LED Monitor 1080P Being that this is the NonK chip, I cant really overclock it, and the small amount that I can, isn't really worth it. I am selling off the GTX 570 and am in the process of doing research on a good Card to replace it with. I am trying to get back into the gaming scene, and with this card, its really showing its age on current titles. On FFIX ARR, I have to turn everything almost off in quality settings to run it at 1080P at 60FPS. I guess my real question is, should I keep using what I am using? OR should I maybe look into building something with the 4th gen i7 and upgrade the whole pc?? I also was thinking about going to AMD for an 8 Core, but from all the reviews and posts I have read, it doesn't seem if any if at all, an upgrade from what I am using. The parts are all about a year old since I got them, and everything works great, but should I be looking to build something newer? Any thoughts would be great. Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone, Just finished building my watercooled rig last week and I found some interesting results that raised a few questions for me... First off, my parts and my loop: Crosshair V formula (Non-Z) AMD 8350, 4.7GHz @ 1.48125V R9 290X, 1115 Core and 1450 Mem @ +50mv CoolerMaster Silent Pro Gold 1200W 240GB & 256GB SSD 2x 500GB HDD EK 140mm Res > D5 @ Setting 5 > 360MM EK PE Series Rad > EK Supremacy > 120MM EK PE Series Rad > EK 290X Block w/Backplate > Res I've been testing for the past couple days using games and benches (Heaven, Valley and 3DMark) while using MSI AB to monitor Core/Mem fluctuations. After thorough testing, I've found that the core will throttle after 50mv. Temps are NEVER A PROBLEM (45c Core, 50c VRM1 and 42c VRM2) so I have no idea why it would throttle. I double checked the seating on my card, made sure that the VRM's had contact with the thermal pads to the block... basically the install was perfect. I tested by using the same clocks above, power limit maxed at +50 and running extra voltage at 50mv and 56mv. While playing games and running benches, the core didn't stay rock solid @ 1115Mhz on +56mv. I dipped as low as 25MHz sometimes. I know its a rather small number but its just weird that adding +6 mv would cause it to throttle. Maybe I got unlucky with the silicon lottery or maybe I'm missing something? Thoughts?
  7. Hi! What I'm trying to do: Setup 5 separeted monitors on two XFX Radeon HD 6950. Problem: I'm only able to activate 4 monitors (DVI ports) on 5. The last one, with an active mini-DP to DVI-D single link adapter, doesn't work. I always received the same error message telling me that the link didn't work. What I tried to do: 1- Tried with and without crossfire: Didn't work. 2- Check if the updates were done: Everything look good. 3- Tried to set-up only three monitors on one graphic card. 2 DVI + 1 adaptator. Didn't work. 4- Tried many combinaisons 2DVI/1HDMI, 1DVI/1HDMI/1adaptator and on both graphic cards. Didn't work. 5- Tried again many combinaison with 4 different monitors. Didn't work. 6- Tried to configure eyefinity, even if I don't want it because I want 5 seperated monitors. Didn't work. 7- Tried a passive mini-DP to DVI. The mini-DP worked but I wasn't able to activated more than one other monitor. Windows 7 The adaptor: http://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=9...) Monitors: 1x BENQ BL2400, 2x BENQ RL2455HM, 1x ACER G235HL and 1x LG FLATRON W2353V. Any clues/solutions? Thanks
  8. Ok as everybody who has been reading my posts know I'm building a rig based around the new a10 7850k in a few weeks. I wondering if anybody has any experience with and gamer series memory? I'm looking at 8gb R9 Series kit rated at 2400mhz or the radeon series 16gb kit rated 2133mhz. Does either have abilities when it comes to over clocking? Currently the 2133 kit only comes in 16gb which I know is a bit extreme usually when it comes to a rig that won't be used for video editing and such. Also if anybody can point me to any reviews that would be great.
  9. Hi, This is my first posting as i just literally just registered on this forums a min ago, so Hello to everyone, as the title says i need help with overclocking my AMD cpu as i have absolutely no knowledge when it comes to overclocking and i have never had any of my old pc's overclocked, I was aiming at overclocking my cpu to 4.0Ghz or higher if possible and would greatly appreciate for anyone who can help / guide me to achieve the overclock. Below is some info about my system, if theres other information you guys require from me to post please let me know and ill make it happened a.s.a.p, thanks in advance R3VOLVAH. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Motherboard: GA-990FXA-UD3 Motherboard Bios Version: F9 Power Supply: Coolermaster 650w Processor: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Processor (6 CPUs), ~3.2GHz Memory: Corsair Vegeance 12.0GB (3 x 4gb)1600mhz Hard Drive: 2TB Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 6870 Sound Card: Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio) OS: Windows 8.1 Professional with Media Centre [x64] Computer Case: Coolermaster Storm Enforcer CPU Liquid Cooler: Corsair Hydro Series H55 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Hello, I am wanting to OC a FX-6350 becasue it is bottlenecking my GPU, a Radeon HD 7950, and am in need of some advice or confirmation. I want to be able to get as close as possible to 4.5 Ghz without blowing it up or getting new parts. I am to understand that I should set voltage to 1.42 and the multiplier to 42, is this correct? Also do I need to do any prep before hand, like disable any systems in bios, I have gotten yes and no answers to this. I already have my monitoring software. Also if anyone has use a Gigabyte 970A-D3P I would like to know how it went and if it is a good mobo to OC with. I am running Air Cooled not water cooled, is 4.5 Ghz still viable? Here is the rest of my specs in case you need them: GPU- Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 7950 w/ Boost CPU- AMD FX-6350 MOBO- Gigabyte 970A-D3P CPU Cooler- Gemin II S524 PSU- HEC 850TS Thank you for any help you can give, I just want to know absolutely what I am doing before I go in.
  11. Hello there experts. So, I just got Battlefield 4, and guess what, my system can't really do more than a custom setting of low and medium graphics settings. On pure medium settings, there is an occasional lag. I have had this hardware system for a bit over 2 years, and it has done its job fine until now. Nothing is wrong, I just need more power, and I think the problem is my GPU. My question for you is: which gpu should I buy in the price range of 290-360$ (estimated DKK->$) to be able to play BF4 properly in ultra settings? Have been looking at the GTX 760, which seems rather good for the price (1800 DKK/327$), but I'm not sure this is the best choice? I hope someone can help me in the right direction here My system specs: MB: Asus M4A87TD CPU: Amd Phenom II x4 955 BE GPU: Asus EAH6870 DC/2DI2S/1GD5 SSD: Kingston HyperX 120 GB RAM: 2x 4GB Kingston HyperX grey Monitor: Asus 24" VG248QE Regards, Skytte
  12. Ok everybody I have a simple question I was thinking of upgrading my laptop and I saw that it could support up to an I7 I have an I3 I'm using HP Pavillion G7 2240-us I talked to hp and they confirmed it is upgradeable but ridiculously expensive. It uses a g2 socket I have my cpu and I'm using the rip jaws 8gb dual channel 1600 MHz memory. Now it also says that my computer can come with radeon hd 7670m discrete graphics. Know does that already have to be on the motherboard or can you get the chip and install it? I looked into getting the motherboard but everyone of the g7 series that an intel cpu and amd graphics they no longer carry they sent me a list of parts vendors that might carry it but before I but it I was wondering if there was a compatibility issue or anything of a similar nature that caused it to no longer be carried?
  13. I've had my AMD Phenom X2 550 Black Edition on 3.2ghz and unlocked 4 cores for a LONG time now on STOCK cooling. Ready to make an UPGRADE to a better heatsink. I would really like to see my CPU break +4.0GHZ. THX.
  14. Hi Guys/Gals!! I recently built a computer for my friend! and it turned out well...lol. Anyway Opinions? BTW this was my first build for a 'Client' and my first Intel build. SPECS: Intel i5 4670k Gigabyte Radeon 7970 GHz Ed Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H Samsung 840 pro 256gb SSD (Boot) Seagate Barracuda 2TB (Storage) Corsair AX-760w PSU LG DVD Drive Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo 16gb Kingston Hyper X BLU RAM 1600MHz Thermaltake Level 10 GT Snow White Windows 8 Here are some pics! During the build: EDIT: More pics!
  15. Hello everyone, Not sure where I could of posted this so I posted it here. I have an AMD CPU & recently I noticed it's been a bit slow from time to time. I checked BIOS and Cool & Quiet is disabled, but CPU-Z is saying I get 1.4Ghz when I'm idling, Why won't it disable? I have reset BIOS to defaults, rebooted then re-disabled it and nothing. I have turned it on, rebooted, turned it off again etc. It never used to do this. Any ideas? Thanks
  16. Installing and Updating AMD Drivers This guide will cover downloading and installing new drivers for AMD graphics cards and APUs. Installing AMD Drivers AMD drivers are included in a piece of software called AMD Catalyst. AMD Catalyst does a great deal more than just graphics drivers, but in this guide will only cover the basics of installing and updating the software. Step 1: Navigate to the AMD Catalyst website, the link can be found here. Step 2: Click on the 'Download Now' graphic in the middle of the screen. It should be quite easy to spot. Step 3: You should arrive at a page detailing all the AMD drivers available for current graphics cards. Step 4: Select the download for your operating system and video card driver. There are two different driver categories; drivers for the HD7000, HD6000 and HD5000 series and a separate driver for the HD4000, HD3000 and HD2000 series. Make sure you select the correct download for your system. For the interests of this guide, I will be using the HD7000, HD6000 and HD5000 series drivers for Windows 7 64-bit, however the process should be similar with all versions. Step 5: Click on the 'Catalyst Software Suite' download button. If you would like to install the latest Beta driver, click on the appropriate download button. Be aware though, that the Beta drivers are not always as stable as official releases, and could cause your computer to crash or catch fire. (Okay perhaps not the catch fire bit) Step 6: If you are using Internet Explorer, click 'Run' or 'Save' in the dialog box that appears. In Chrome or Firefox, you just need to click on the download when it has completed. The download is approximately 140MB, so should take less than 5 minutes to download. Step 7: Click 'Run' on the Security Warning dialog box, if it appears, and allow any UAC warnings that may appear. Step 8: Select a temporary folder for the software to extract installation files to, then click 'Install'. Note that this is not the install directory, and can be deleted after the software is fully installed. Step 9: After the installer has extracted, a new window should open showing the Catalyst Install manager. Select your language and click 'Next'. Step 10: Select 'Install' on the 'Select Installation Operation' window, if it appears. Step 11: Select 'Express' on the 'Installer Welcome' screen, and type in your Preferred Install Location, if you wish to use it, then click 'Next'. Dismiss the message 'The folder does not exist', if it appears, by clicking 'Yes'. Advanced users can customise the installation by selecting 'Custom', but in the interests of simplicity, we will remain using the 'Express' selection. Step 12: The installer should begin installing your software. At points, the installer may appear to freeze, but do not be too quick to assume so. Sometimes the installer will freeze for up to five minutes, depending on the speed of your system. The screen may also flash or go blank during the installation of display drivers. This is usual for the installer -- don't worry, it hasn't broken your computer, however you might have to rearrange the icons on your desktop afterwards. Step 13: Eventually, the installer should finish the installation process. Click 'Finish', and a page may load in your web browser asking to register your installation. This is not necessary, however you may register if you wish. Step 14: If the installation was successful, you should see the AMD Vision icon in your system tray. Some features may be unavailable until you reboot your computer, and you can delete the temporary Catalyst installation folder at this point. Updating AMD Catalyst Drivers At this point, there is no way to update AMD graphics drivers without removing the old software and installing the new software. Step 1: Navigate to Start > Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program (Windows Vista +) or Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP). Step 2: Double-click on AMD Catalyst Install Manager. Step 3: Click 'Next' on the first page of the uninstaller. Step 4: Select 'Express Uninstall ALL AMD Software', and click 'Next'. Step 5: Click 'OK' on the dialog that appears. The screen may flash during uninstallation, and the resolution of your monitor will be reverted to standard resolution (usually 800*600 or 1024*768) Step 6: Reboot the computer to complete the uninstallation, then follow the instructions in 'Installing AMD Drivers'. I will do a separate tutorial about installing drivers in Ubuntu, as it is fairly complex and not necessarily driver-specific
  17. Hi all, I have a problem. Should I upgrade my current CPU (Phenom II 955) to a FX 8350? is my 7950 being bottle necked by my Phenom II? If I upgrade my CPU should I see an improvement in FC3, Crysis 3, Bioshock Infinite? If I do upgrade my CPU what CPU cooler do you recommend? (for OCing). Also will I notice an improvement overall in windows? (windows 7) I currently have a 990FXA UD3, 4gb ram (8gb soon), 650w PSU and an Sapphire 7950 Vapor X THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
  18. Introduction Choosing hardware for a computer can be a daunting task. For most, choosing the right processor can be as equally challenging. For those not familiar with processors and performance, Intel has held the king of performance for many years but AMD has shaken up the competition as recent. In 2011 AMD introduced Zacate and Llano which used AMD
  19. Hello, I just bought the Phenom II x2 555 BE although it should have been a x4 955. The Phenoms on the stores are all out of stock(some phased out) and this x2 555 BE is the only remaining one in stock. As soon as I get over the warranty limit, I'm planning to unlock it. But I wish to know if the PSU and mobo will make it through. Right now I have an unlocked Sempron 140(unlocked to Athlon II x2 4400e) and I've been using this for almost two years. These are the mobo and video card specs Mobo: Biostar A780L v6.1 http://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/introduction.php?S_ID=472#dl VC: AMD Radeon HD 6750 1GB 2GB DDR2 PSU: A generic 600W Now, if I unlocked Phenom II x2 555 Black Edition which I believe results into a Phenom II x4 955, will one of these PSU suffice for the unlocking of 3rd or fourth core? FSP Hexa 500W http://pcx.com.ph/components/power-supplies/fsp-hexa-he500-eff-80-500w.html Antec Neo http://pcx.com.ph/components/power-supplies/antec-neo-eco-520w.html I'm really intrigued by the Assassin's Creed 3. Most people who have high end rigs complain about low fps in Boston but my cousin who has Phenom II x2 555 played it well. He has a GeForce 440 gfx card. Thanks for your time and also, I am open to suggestions. But please understand that I am not that rich to replace everything above I have right now. But am already looking forward to it once I really have the money and if I need to upgrade.
  20. It seems that the Phenom II x2 555 can be unlocked to a Phenom II x4 B65 processor the vid: I have this set-up: Motherboard: Biostar A780L Processor: AMD Sempron 140 unlocked to Athlon II x2 440 Graphix Card: AMD Radeon HD 1GB 6750 RAM: 2GB DDR2 A generic 600W Power supply which I want to replace with a branded FSP Hexa 520W Here is what is shown in cpu-z based on my PC: http://s8.postimage.org/6u4ypgk91/Untitled.png Originally, I am planning to buy a Phenom II x4 955. But I found out that it has been phased out for almost a year now. All I have found so far are Athlon x2 dual cores. I can't believe it. Right now, I have a Sempron unlocked to Athlon II x2 440. So, I though that unlocking Phenom II x2 555 to Phenom II x4 B65 is possible for my mobo provided with the PSU. But I want to hear from you guys especially about safety measures. I am a newbie here but I am aware of the possible consequences that I can face after unlocking. The unlocking of Athlon II x2 440 came from just a video turorial. I hope you understand. If it's not really recommended to unlock it, will the Phenom II x2 555 alone will suffice for playing AC3? I am also staggering for the low fps issue.
  21. I am planning to have a Phenom II x4 955 to replace the unlocked Sempron140(Athlon II x2 4400e now). Will it be fine to combine the Phenom II x4 and the AMD Radeon 6570HD at the same time with this power supply? Note: My power supply label says this except for that my current says 4A and 7A for the Frequency it says 50-60 Hz. From the looks of it, mine seems not to be branded. http://cdn2.sulitstatic.com/images/2012/0717/202645338_2026343563352d59f2aa1f5803da4d47932134a6efbbd2f5a.jpg Do you think this power supply is enough for replacement? Or replacement is no longer needed? http://pcx.com.ph/components/power [...] -700w.html Cheers.
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