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  1. are the scsi hdd's internal? and do they make motherboards with the controllers already built on them?
  2. why not a 64 fx???? Im lookin into building a new rig too. so this forum will help. is the fx that much better than the regular amd 64?
  3. Well THESTRENMYSTIC all i know is MY HP doesnt suck yours might have....and im pretty sure ur dell does too..dell can got to hell.......its too bad u had a bad experience with hp..........sorry
  4. EMACHINES???? How dare u???!!! My pc is no emachine or dell! its an hp but an hp from HELL WIN XP PRO P4 2.66GHZ 1024mb ram 2700 80GIG HDD 40GIG HDD 250GIG HDD (FOR MOVIES) TDK DVD+/-R BURNER SONY DVD/CDRW COMBO ATI radeon 9800xt SOUND BLASTER AUDIGY 2 LOGITECH Z560 THX SPEAKER SYSTEM LOGITECH MX duo as a matter of fact the only thing thats stock is the mobo....im not bragging cuz there are ppl with better pcs out there....this is what i have to work with and im making the most of it.
  5. Im building a PC and i was thinking of having two 74gb 10000rpm HDD's . 1 for my games , and one for my OS. Should i assume that this would make the my games and OS run faster compared to a 7200 rpm HDD? I'm only worried because i want to know would it be a dramatic increase in speeed b4 i fork over the money? TY
  6. I made this one.....like the reflection?
  7. Here is my workstation. I stay in a dorm room so everything is on one desk.
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