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  1. pyro_chaos

    Temp monitoring problems

    yeah beloved xp64 = lol
  2. pyro_chaos

    Temp monitoring problems

    nope still no luck =
  3. pyro_chaos

    Temp monitoring problems

    im running stock bios also, i'de rather not update bios as everything seems to be running fine
  4. I haven't had any really problems with this board other then smartguardian doesnt work at all it just shows 0 for all the values. I've tried the version of smartguardian on the disk and off the website. Speedfan and everest both crash the computer also. Any clue what the culprate could be? Also at first use of CPUZ it worked then after a few reboots it didnt, then it decided to start working again, any clue as to that either? right now im running the current specs on signature the HTT is at 4x and the Multi is at 9x.
  5. wow some very nice an innnovative things
  6. pyro_chaos

    Which Mouse Is Best?

    i really like my mx1000 i do allot of gaming and photoshop. even compared to the razor and mx510 i like this more i think its quicker and more accurate.
  7. pyro_chaos

    Fs: P3 700mhz Folding Rig

    i can only hope or i might just end up ebay'in it
  8. pyro_chaos

    Fs: P3 700mhz Folding Rig

    got it a and replied .....and yes so far this is still up for grabs
  9. pyro_chaos

    Fs: P3 700mhz Folding Rig

    I'm looking for around $120 or any decent trade. specs are as follows: Gateway Tower Pentium 3 Cpu 700Mhz 383mb or so of sdram 2 40gig hard drives Nvidia TNT2 14mb card Netgear FA311 Nic An on the fritz 32x Cd-rom drive (works when it feels like) It comes pre-installed with Fedora Core 2 (at request I'll install SuSe, Slackware, or FreeBSD). This thing runs suprisingly fast for what it is. I can post pics if requested, just reply or pm for questions or ect.
  10. pyro_chaos

    Computer Recording.

    m-audio's are very good and have insane amounts of inputs for fairly cheap
  11. pyro_chaos

    Is The Vac2 Beta Capable Of Banning People?

    well learn pearl (i pretty sure thats what they program in) and directx programming
  12. pyro_chaos

    Kal: I'm Full :)

    ive been grounded and have dialup so im kinda stuck
  13. pyro_chaos

    Is The Vac2 Beta Capable Of Banning People?

    lol it usually takes around 2 days for most hackers (not newbs of course or script kiddies) to get around cheat blocks from what ive noticed... since A. they need to update their hacked version of the game with patches and B. they need to find cheats that support most recent versions
  14. pyro_chaos

    Just Got World of Warcraft (WoW)

    i prefer my own personal server but well thats because i have dialup and dont like p2p
  15. pyro_chaos

    Kal: I'm Full :)

    very nice...im just now getting g42 stuff although im lvl 13 lol