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  1. awesome man cheers for the help, will be posting photo's when i ve got all the parts and such
  2. Sweet thanks for that, though with the x79 chipset i heared it was better to have quad channel memory i m guessing that's not 100% true is it was? i m not so good with the memory or psu s when working out compatible parts :-)
  3. Well, my budget is about 200-250 for ram and about 350 for the psu i ve worked out, but i could spend a bit more then that. I ve never had an Intel build before so i wanted to make sure its pretty high -end and i get it right.
  4. The nzxt is a great case, as i own one though there plastic covers a little iffy and they are a pain to clean but i m sure most cases are
  5. HI, i'm building a new pc and i would like to get some opinions on some ram and a psu for it i ve just got the mobo atm which is an asus rampage IV extreme so even some other suggestions would be great! What i will be getting Corsair 800D Corsair H100i WD 1TB black Corsair GS 128gb ssd Bitspower 30cm cold cathodes Intel 3930k Lamptron FC9 Fan Controller BitFenix Alchemy Connect 60cm Blue LED Strip And i ll be using my old gpu s until the hd 8000 or the gtx 700 series are released 6970 and a 6950 crossfire Cheers
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