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  1. there has to be a way in the registry or sumthin
  2. I have 2 limited accounts made and do not have an administrator account, i am wondering how to make a admin account with out being able to do it in user accounts, because limited accounts cant make new accounts, I really need this help thanks alot
  3. 4MD_4_M3

    Nfsu ..

    that wouldnt work either
  4. 4MD_4_M3

    Nfsu ..

    well i put all my games on isos ..but i was statting an example
  5. 4MD_4_M3

    Nfsu ..

    Well before people get hectic i have a real copy of the game that i purchased, but for lan purposes i created iso's of it using alcohol 120. Now when i try to mount the images it says insert correct disc or watever but it is the disc im supposed to use, i also tried using daemon tool and it didnt work either ..Any one know the problem? Thanks Steve
  6. i think u should get uv orange to match your mobo ..i like everything to match
  7. i hope not cause that would suck.lol
  8. ya hse aint my real g/f that why i got all theese pics too...what the heck??
  9. Thats funny because u dont even know her
  10. hell ya i like her she is sooo cool .duh! ..lol. and i dont care wat others think i just thought i would share the amazment with all my friends here at occ .lol
  11. i am 16 too. lol. ya her dad is definetly a crazy one. he knows wat i am waitin for B)
  12. no if she seen this thread i would be 6 feet under tomoro .lol . ya she almost 16 so i cant wait for the high school beauty to set into her
  13. na its cool . lol so wat u guys think?
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