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  1. Just got it set up yesterday and I've only run Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 which both looked great. I need to fire up an FPS to do a proper test for for ghosting, I'll give CSGO and BF4 a try tonight and let you know.
  2. I didn't find much information on large format monitors while I was making my decision so I figured I would offer the benefit of my experience to the community. I bought the 30" 2560x1600 LED IPS monitor over on monoprice, PID 10734. I was previously running a dual 21" 1080p setup, now the two 21" monitors are in portrait mode on either side of the new one. I bought three desk clamp stands to accommodate the portrait mode and to free up desk space (only $15 each). As for the monitor itself... The form factor is nice and tight, fairly thin, light (for the size), no excessive bezel. The controls are on the back of the monitor which doesn't matter for the menu buttons, but the power button should not be back there. Black levels are good but not great, anyone who is very concerned with black levels would probably not like this monitor. Brightness is a little on a high side for me, but I have my rig in a light controlled room with my projector so I don't need much brightness in general, I have mine at 10%. Sharpness and colors are great. No dead pixels. Overall I'm very happy with the purchase, especially for the price ($700 shipped). It's definitely not perfect but for the price no one should expect it to be. I was very reluctant to purchase a monitor through a Korean distributor in case I needed to RMA the unit, I didn't want the hassle of the language barrier and the delays/cost of international return shipping.
  3. Me and my friend both have MSI 560 TI Frozr II cards, stock 880hz. He had his overclocked to 950hz for a while but then started having artifacting issues and returned to stock. I never overclocked since I didn't feel the need, but once he started having problems I tested mine out to just to see and I starting seeing artifacts in 3d applications right away. It seems like MSI tuned these cards appropriately for the voltage setting. Neither of us played around with GPU voltage. Since the Frozr heatsinks do allow the card to run pretty cool it could probably handle to increasing voltage which should give a little more core clock headroom. But as I mentioned above personally I don't see the need. Barely any of the games I play max out the card and those that do only barely slow down.
  4. Two 21" widescreen monitors and a 1080p projector hooked up to the PC as a 3rd.
  5. 2011 Mustang Convertible V6. Aftermarket engine tune and intake really give it some life, next on the list are exhaust and gears.
  6. I have had my computer backed up by a UPS for years now, but as an electrical engineer I have always been disturbed by the unnecessary conversion losses being imposed on the system. If I have energy DC power stored in my UPS, why doesn't the UPS step down that DC voltage to the various voltages required for PC use and output DC power directly from the UPS to computer. The UPS would still need an inverter to power various other electronics that need backing up, but DC to DC step down transforming is far more efficiency than inverting DC to AC and then rectifying that AC back to DC. If a computer is connected to a UPS it is going to be the majority of the load by far, and bypassing the double conversion could easily increase battery endurance by 30-50%. Does anyone know if this type of UPS exists?
  7. I've had it before because some places put it on their burgers without asking you, and I dont care for it. I have never asked for it and I usually ask for no mayo whenever I remember. If a burger is dry enough that it needs mayo there is a problem, burgers should be juicy.
  8. Torchlight 2 Favorite FPS would have to be Counter Strike. To me it is the genre defining gold standard of multiplayer FPS. The gameplay mechanics are smooth, fast paced, and fun. To me the best part is something that no other online FPS has been able to achieve in my eyes, which is the balance of individual skill and team based cooperation. A sufficiently skilled player can single handedly take out a whole team of uncoordinated enimies if their aim is sharp enough and they know the terrain. The original CS and even CS source lack the customization and features found in most modern shooters, but it will always have a place in my heart as the game that got me hooked on shooters. I started in beta 4 and it was awesome watching the game develop over the years with new features and eventually get picked up by Valve and officially incorporated into the half life universe. I can't wait for global offensive to launch and hopefully get hooked all over again. Oh, and how could I forget... Gungame Deathmatch, pure awesomeness.
  9. invidious

    Diablo 3

    It's pathetic how people who supposedly hate this game can't find anything better to do than read and post about it. I guess some people are just contrarians and need something to publicly whine about. I think the game is awesome and I'm enjoying the hell out of it. The beta was a good tease but the full game is so much better. I'm about half way through act3 and it has been getting better and better. I loved diablo 1 and 2 over a decade ago and so far this is everything I have been hoping for. Anyone who is a diablo fan will love this game.
  10. My first online gaming experience was TCP/IP direct connection in Warcraft 2. We usually spent more time getting the game to work than we did actually playing. But it was glorious, I think I was 11 at the time. It dissapoints me that gamers nowadays will never get to experience the frustration/gratification of old school PC gaming. It was a rite of passage. Sure modern PC gaming still has its quirks, but nothing like it did on windows 3x. I can't even remember the last game that required port forwarding. 95% is plug and play now.
  11. Good review. I wish i had the money to buy one (or two) of these. Looks like you mixed up the order of the graphs on the temperature page. The overclocked temps are shown being lower than the stock temps.
  12. invidious


    I understand that you would be upset that your purchase didn't work out, but lemons happen. As far as the store credit vs refund did you actually ask for a refund as opposed to credit? They are not really obligated to give you either and if you didn't ask for it they would be foolish to offer it. My advice is to keep the credit and request that in addition to that they allow you to keep the functioning offline copy of the game as compensation for your troubles. Any company is going to be more willing to give you extras for your money when the alterative is to give you your money back.
  13. Z-5500 on my PC. Ive had it for longer than i can remember with no issues, love it. Attached to a Sound Blaster X-FI Titanium Fatality. Roughly 1800W 7.2 suround system on my home theater, ill have to post the details later but its mostly klipsh speakers with an Onkyo reciever and two 300ish watt subs. Compliments a 1080p projector setup. Sennheiser hd202 as headphones for my desk at work.
  14. Loving the '11 mustang convertible in my garage.
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