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  1. DaddyD302

    5750 CF or 5850

    I go for the 460GTX.
  2. Not sure what's wrong with your rig. I plugged the HD audio into the mobo, and have sound from both the speakers and the front inputs.
  3. DaddyD302

    Evga Precision Is Any One Using It?

    I prefer this over RT as it works better in Vista.
  4. DaddyD302

    Age Of Conan

    I tried the beta, so far, I'm neither gonna buy it nor not gonna buy it. I'll wait for more reviews before deciding.
  5. I was wondering the same thing.
  6. DaddyD302

    Is Agp Dying?

    AGP is dead, unless you want to pay a ransom price for them. It's kinda odd how some people insist on keeping it even thou their PCI-E card is cheaper then the AGP counterpart.
  7. DaddyD302

    What Brand Of 7950?

    Well you do have the option of stepping up to a 8800GTX/GTS if you change your mind later on about that card. You got 90 days from purchase to think about it.
  8. DaddyD302

    Evga 90 Day Upgrade

    Took about 2 weeks. Took me a while to send it in[ground], once they got the package, it takes about a day for them to look at it and then another day to send the new card[two days]. Depending on how fast you want it, you could get it in 1 week. This is assuming you go overnight both ways. Normally it's about 2 weeks.
  9. DaddyD302

    In The Market For A New Lcd

    You be best and wait for the new Dell Moniter. So far it looks like the best deal for under $300. http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=35043
  10. DaddyD302

    Evga 7900gt Signature Series

    You'll have better luck here. http://www.evga.com/community/messageboard...asp?FORUM_ID=36 I just wanna ask, why on earth did you buy that overpriced card when the regular one is just as good?
  11. DaddyD302

    Moniter Problem

    Lately the moniter has been blacking out, like it's being turned off. I would have to hit it to get it back on. Not sure what's causing this. Sometime it would kinda dim itself for a bit then go back to it's original brightness. I have a desk with a ledge that allows me to put my other computer on top of it. I also have my 17" next to it. Both are about 5 " away from my moniter. Is this causing it to black out or is my moniter dieing? Any help would be greatly appreicated.
  12. DaddyD302

    Someone Is Trying To Get Control Of My Computer!

    Yeah more and more people are saying it's withen my network. I'm thinking it could be a virus or trojan on one of the computer trying to get in.
  13. DaddyD302

    Someone Is Trying To Get Control Of My Computer!

    Ok thanks for all your help guys, here's what I found. Internet Assigned Numbers Authority 4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 330 Marina del Rey, CA, 90292-6695 US I am useing a router, someone said it could be one of the computers useing my router. Could the attacker be one of them, I remember my sister saying her computer said it had a virus but we used some free antivirus program and it said it found it and killed it. It hasn't been turned on in a while sinces she's on vaction. Not sure what the heck is going on but it has been going on for 3 days now and I got attacked 2 more times after I posted and it stopped after that. Got rid of IP address for security.
  14. Ok, this address has been hitting me 4 times now same address. Norton keeps saying it's a trojan horse. I need to know where I can go to trace this ip address. I wanna know who's been so interested in me. Also another odd thing it's happening when I play DAoC. This is when I get attacked. Seems weird to anyone? Any place that will let me know who this person or company is? Yes Norton is blocking it, but this is weird how this is happening when I play, and I don't play often.
  15. DaddyD302


    It says this. This application has failed to start because PlxCore.ply was not found. Re-installing this may fix this. what the heck is this? It happened when I was trying to install my driver from the cd. Something is very odd here. Some of the program in the cd giot corrupted, cus they are not running. The big one is the creative surround mixer. Even d/l it on the web and nothing it will not run. Tried uninstalling it and used driver cleaner. Everytime I reinstall the cd driver, it ask for the windows XP cd. I don't know what and why this is happening. Why do I need to put the XP cd in for?