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  1. Hey guys, I bought this thinking i needed something really portable but I decided on getting a desktop replacement after the fact, and now I need to sell this. It is only a month old and is in perfect condition. Here are the specs: Inspiron 700m Intel
  2. I have updated the list with tentative prices. Thanks for the deals so far guys.
  3. Thanks coolzer0. I also forgot to mention that the 6800gt has an NV silencer 5 installed on it, that should make a difference to alot of you. Right now I have only sold the 2 harddrives so everything else is still up for sale.
  4. Sorry guys I should have clarified some things. I will accept payment by paypal that way we can both make the deal a little easier. Also, I'll take offers through PM to keep the thread availible for questions. I've kept everything in good working order and havent overclocked at all. Thanks for lookin guys.
  5. Im going to try and sell my desktop to get a laptop because I need the portability and convenience for school. Just give me offers on this stuff and I'll see what we can work out: Athlon 64 2800+ , sckt 754, 512kb l2 cache - $50 MSI K8t Neo - $50 2x512mb Crucial Ballistix pc3200 -$175 120gb Seagate SATA Hdd, 7200rpm ***SOLD*** 80gb IBM IDE Hdd, 7200rpm ***SOLD*** eVGA 6800 gt w/ NV Silencer 5 - $250 Silverstone TJ 06 "Windtunnel" Case, it's huge but its got a pretty nifty design. Also, I accidently broke the USB ports on the side of the case and a couple clips where the wind tunnel fits but it still works. - $50 Sony 16x DVD-rom -$20 NU 8X DVD-RW - $30 Black Floppy Drive - $10 Like I said, just make me some offers and we will see what we can work out. EDIT: I have added prices so you can see about what im am asking. They are negotiable however. All of them include shipping.
  6. FaNta84

    Xbox 2 Specs

    I think for certain people a PC cannot compare to a console system. In my case I have 2 brothers and plenty of game loving friends who would always come over. A PC simply cannot compare to having 4 people being able to play on one system in the same room. Sure....there are lan parties and such, but that is such a hassle and still you MUST have 1 system for every person. We hooked up about 8 xboxes with 2 people on each one and it was the most fun ive ever had in a multiplayer game. For people with large families that all love to play games the console is sweet. Also, I get some degree of satisfaction from being good at console games that I don't get from computers. Using a mouse is way easier than a controller to me so I, and my friends, feel that being skilled on an xbox is what true gaming is. These are just my opinions though, I know alot of people out there wouldnt trade their PC for anything. I'm just saying that consoles can still provide an amazing time. Oh yes, I also forgot about being able to hook the system to a TV easily. TVs kick the crap out of monitors. Playing Halo on my friends big screen is one of the sweetest looking things ive ever seen.
  7. Im wanting to buy an hp dv1000 laptop for its wireless capabilities as well as watching movies and doing schoolwork in the library and such. Since I wont be gaming should I go ahead and get an a Celeron M? The only difference I see between the Celeron and the Pentium is 1mb of l2 cache. Since im only browsing, watching movies, word processing, etc. would the celeron be fast enough? Ive never used a celery so I don't know how much slower they are. I really appreciate any advice you guys can offer
  8. I don't quite understand this 60% goes to OCC. What if a ton of people end up entering and you get say $400. $400 * .6 = $240. So, $240 would go to OCC and that means you get the other $160. Since that card is worth about $110 you just made $50. I think OCC should get everthing once the price of the item is covered, otherwise this just turns into a big money making event for you.
  9. memory speed doesnt matter with that board. As long as its DDR youll be fine. People have been able to run some pretty high HTT on it with good enough RAM. I'd go with the PDP pc3200 XBL. It has samsung TCCD chips on a brainpower PCB which overclocks like mad and its cheap.
  10. I'd have to say memory. It's fun to overclock, adjust timings, check its scores etc. I spend so much time just looking at different types of memory and their benchmarks.
  11. Asus A7v266-C Amd 2000+ Palomino-(stepping 2, revision A5) Ati All-in-Wonder 7500 256mb RAM PC2100 Sony 16X DVD Player Sony CD-RW 8x/4x/32x Also I've got an Athlon 64 3400+ socket 939 newcastle for sell on ebay. It can be found here. I've also got a full copy of Doom 3 and Far Cry for sell if anyone is interested. Make offers, its only worth what someone is willing to pay.
  12. Does the k8n neo2 platinum come with everything? If so, would $100 shipped be reasonable? Also what exact type of ram is that?
  13. I finally got a 25% off any flat panel from the Dellf game and i really need a new LCD but I can't decide between the 2005FPW or the 2001FPW. I'm leaning towards the widescreen but im afraid games that dont support it will look bad, however half life 2 has it so maybe alot of the newer games will too. Also, wide screen movies should look amazing on it so that's another plus. What do you guys think? Wide aspect or normal?
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