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  1. Quick question... Do i need to flash my BIOS?
  2. now i just need to get a new case (the one i got was damaged) and windows 7. Build the system and gonna give the overclocking a go thanks for all the help guys
  3. 1600mhz hmm i when i bought them at the e-tailer (trusted) it said 1333mhz oh well... but thanks for clearing that up for me
  4. Oh well im just gonna get a new and fresh windows 7 oh and about that memory module timings and voltage i think i found them. There is a sticker on the module that says: 1.65v (i guess that's the voltage) and also 9905403-439.A00LF (dont know what that is) and under that a metric butt ton of numbers (dont what those are either) and also KHX1600C9D3K2/8G(and dont those either)
  5. ok thanks and yes i am just trying to format my hdd
  6. Sorry about that... but can i reformat my hdd using the OEM after it has been installed on my dads pc... My hdd an the OEM are the same version
  7. Well its been a while since we got that pc... and if i recall correctly then our computer "nerd" friend that build the system, installed windows but didnt register and applied a crack of some sort. So if i format the drive using my Windows 7 HomePremium disk do i then have to register windows again, or do i have to get another windows 7 disk, or simply reaply a crack (yup i know that's not legal )
  8. Windows 7 home premium that is what's currently installed on my hdd
  9. okay... im confused. My dad is getting the old pc with a new psu, and we bought windows 7 home premium OEM for him. Will i be able to use the OEM to format my hdd after it has been installed on my dad's pc? or do i have to get the retail for that?
  10. Great thanks for the info
  11. how do i check the bios version and if necesary how do i flash it... how do i find my dram memory timing specs and dram voltage... and im using my old hdd woth os and everything so no need to install that(right?)
  12. thanks for the help i just need my motherboard to come and then i will give it shot
  13. gonna try when i get the good stuff home
  14. Yea and i dont want to go too extreme and would be happy with 4.2-4.3 ghz. I have been reading a bit and as far as can understand , you need the fsb to be as high as possible and the multiplier as low? Is that correct?
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