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  1. Hello all @ occ! very awesome looking board you have here w/ a great community. I'm an old school tech guy, well older than some not as old as others. I traded in my sega genesis (16bit) for my first computer back when the 468 was top dog. It was a 486sx 25 and it changed my world, that's for sure. Now, I may be one of the first to ever OC and I didn't even do it on purpose Reading my "easy data 486" manual i noticed that if you upgraded your CPU to a 486 33 you needed to change a jumper pin on the motherboard. I did this just to see how easy it was to remove the pin and place it back. It was an uneventful test and I had full intention to place it back to the 25 setting but i was pulled to dinner and forgot. Well, after my nums I put the case lid back and booted up the bios told me I had a 486sx 33. But, being very new to PC's I didn't know that it actually OC'ed my CPU so I thought no way could this be true. I didn't want my PC lying to me so I switched it back :| i was such a noob i didn't even know I was being awesome Anyway, after my 30 free days of prodigy online ran out I found the amazing world of the local BBS. I went on to run a very popular BBS (spitfire bbs one node) myself for quite a few years. btw, for people that don't know what a BBS is, was the internet before the internet but that's another topic. Well, years later I'm in the tech field and once again built a home system for fun (bench tweaks) and games. The system that I'll have questions on in other areas on OCC can be found here: http://x-bit.org/blackdragon thanks again OCC.
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