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  1. Yep that's my daughter --won that one Now if she could just get a job to pay for that college she took to learn it.
  2. are you using digital output for your speakers? Look and see if you have "digital output" box checked --right click volume in task bar --click adjust audio properties-- click advanced in device volume --click advanced below volume control --click digital output
  3. Heres a good one I have this board in the gtr model which r is for raid. It's cheap I figured you did'nt want to spend a lot just get something going http://www.dumpinggoods.com/dumpinggoods/i...2D0020&cc=&tpc=
  4. very funny thanks for posting
  5. And that brings me to another thought. Thinking of the heating of the fluid when using such a system. How about a temperture sensor to monitor the fluid in the system. A sending unit off of a car would probably work with the right t-fitting. That way you could test different fan and radiator combos to see which would do the best cooling job.
  6. Has anyone tried alcohol?? Would'nt it disipate heat quicker?
  7. A question-- I wonder if anti-freeze like the real good orange 5 year Prestone -would work - would work better?
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