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  1. No problem what so ever. I think they should be fine. While I don't have a small head to give you comfort they will work perfect for you... I can say they aren't like the Beyers. The Beyers are quite large and are by far the biggest headphone I have. I will think you will find the Ultrasones about mid-size overall. Personally I prefer headphones that go around my ears than sit on them because than it hurts my ears with that clamping force focused on 'em. Thanks to all the people who helped! I think the decision is clear now.
  2. I was just wondering how big the Ultrasones were. I have a pretty small head, and I just want to make sure I would still get the full experience. Just so that you can get an Idea of my head-size, Beyredynamics are too big for me, but beats, and other adjustable headphones usually fit fine. Will the Ultrasones be small enough for me? And thank you Vengeance for addressing my other question, I didn't see the other posts, until after I posted this one because the refresh didn't work.
  3. Ok, then my question to that is will the bass on the Ultrasones make it so that I can't even tell what the words are in the music? This has happened to me before, where I can't here the vocals at all, and I can only here the bass and the background music. If this is the case with the Ultrasones than I definitely do not want to get them.
  4. Thanks! I think I'll go with the Ultrasone Pro 900s, because I'm definitely geared more towards Hip Hop, and other music with a lot of bass. Thank you for all your help! Last question, what would you say a good price is for the Ultrasones on Amazon? I found a pair for a little under 300$, is that a somewhat good price?
  5. Thanks again for all the help, "Vengeance Shall Be Mine" helped a lot, and I will look into all the headphones you suggested. I just wanted to ask what the amp is. If I'm correct it's an actual mini amp, almost like an amplifier, but for headphones? If my guess is correct, then I'm really not interested. Alos, I'm not interested being a DJ or even mixing for an odd job. It's just to listen to Hip Hop music, and maybe some dubstep. Thanks again everyone! Also, just checking, you're saying that the Ultrasone Pro 900s are the best to go with?
  6. Thanks guys, as you can tell, I'm pretty new to this so thank you for your help. I'll look at each of the suggested headphones and see the price, and see some reviews on them. Thanks again for the help! And to answer the "Vengeance Shall Be mine" dude, I don't like the open headphones, and I can't tell you the type of sounds I like because I'm a newbie, so please don't judge. I can tell you that I listen to hip-hop often, but I still like clear vocals. I hope this helps people who want to suggest things! Also I want them to be portable and I don't have an amp to drive higher ohm headphones. And using the full names for the headphones would also help:)
  7. I was wondering what the bet headphones for deep bass, yet crisp vocals would be. I would also like them to be reasonably priced, no more than 400-500$. I was really hoping some of the experts could help here. It's not fun blowing money on expensive headphones, just to see which Inez's the best. Thanks in advanced!
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