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  1. Gotcha, I'll give it a try tonight. Thank you
  2. Thanks Euro, I can see if this option is available during the Setup process on the DVD. I think I remember from previous Windows upgrades that this option exists if you're going through an 'upgrade' on an existing OS but haven't tried it on a new install.
  3. if i remember right, whatever is existing on the drive will be saved and converted to a "windows old" file,...it will either show up on the desktop or the C: drive afterward...that is of course, unless you choose to reformat...but don't go by me, google is your friend I'm guession my Google skills are weak, but the specific question I think I need to answer is: does an install of Windows 8 (or 7) to a HDD which has data but has never had an OS installed on it (so a new install not an upgrade) maintain the existing data on that drive? Or, because that drive may never have been formatted, or because Windows has to create a partition for system files, will the existing data be lost (because the existing partition needs to be split or similar)? What I could find on Google all appeared to assume I was upgrading or clean installing Win 8 onto a HDD which had previously had a Windows OS.
  4. Thank you both. The HDD has been used as my back-up drive for a while so has a lot of existing content. It is not partitioned (or rather, is all a single partition - when I view it shows as Disk0 Partion 1), can I install Windows 8 on the HDD without losing the existing data? Is there anything special required to do so or can I install directly into the partion and somehow avoid Windows formatting it?
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