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  1. it doesnt have to be the A8N SLI mobo(good if it is)..i just want to know what other ppl have the 3500+ oc'ed too and what they have theirs bios setting set to. ex: vcore - 1.6, ram voltage - 2.8 ect. bump ^^ im really new to A64 proc even though they have been out for some time now....so any tips/guidance would be appreciated.
  2. anyone know where I can obtain this bios for my mobo i think there's uber bios version 1007 and 1008 (correct me if im wrong)
  3. Theres the Panaflo 92mm 'HIGH' 56.8cfm 35dba H1A fan which i have. Now what the heck is the different with this one Panaflo 92mm -BX *RPM* 'HIGH' 56.8cfm 35dba H1B?? What is BX?? and why is it cheaper..then the none BX version?
  4. dont worry your not tha only one who has to deal with TARDS..!!
  5. How much for just the SP-97? I have my own fan 92mm Panaflow
  6. BIGFOOT Computers Resides in T.O. and compares to newegg http://www.bigfootcomputers.com/
  7. D-r0cK


    Does anyone know if a water rig would stand a bette chance during the summer months?...
  8. D-r0cK


    during the hot humid afternoons i'd rather be outside having a cold beer then on the comp, but then I come crawling back on late in the nite around 11pm (hopefully then, the air is cooler)
  9. D-r0cK


    I dont know about anyone else but the temps here in Ottawa, Ontario is 30C (degree). Im physically sweating bullets while in my room (temps 32C), this weather is also doing a good number on my rig as well a SCORCHING 48C (idle) and 60C (load). Having the SP-97+panaflow 3 exhaust and 3 intake doesnt stand a chance against mother nature.
  10. yea thx...tried that one too...forgot to mention that, but something similar with changeable skins, to match my desktop themes.
  11. I'm currently using asus PCprobe but its a hassle to load up everytime and takes up system resource. I was wondering if there's a low system resource one that sits in the top right corner of your desktop and shows cpu temps, voltage, fan speed, MB temps, and physical memory usage.
  12. oh wow this movie is SO OLD umm..i think early 2003 was the original releaseI've already seen it. It has already been released on DVD and VHS and was available at your nearest Rogers or Blockbusters, well here anyways in great ol' Toronto, Canada.
  13. wowza....I know exactly what you mean, I deal with the same kind of people at work. If only I can get a hold of a web cam or digi cam to take those hilarious pics of dumb customers.
  14. Ok i bought the HIS 9600XT Turbo from a retail store about a week ago, and as of today its officialy dead. When i wanted to go return it back to the retail store they told me "sorry we dont deal with this", and told me that there is NO RETURNS on comp hardware, and told me to RMA back to the company. I emailed the company which is in Hong Kong! and they told me to return it back to the retail store in which i puchased it. Now if im correct, isnt there a 1 year Manufactures Return policie from the company? And if so, what procedures do i go about doing so?
  15. yea SP-97+Panaflo 92mm 'ULTRA' kicks .
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