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  1. Well I've had it all going for about a week, took a little time getting the fans setup right to get a nice air flow going. The Hyper 212+ took up quite a bit of room and unless I change the fan on it to pull through the radiator then I won't be able to run more than 3 sticks of Ram. I might play with that later and see what the temps will sit at. I have to say the Asus Suite II is really handy; especially when we put it through it's first paces. Once i had the fans setup figured out I sit around 36 deg on CPU pushing all the wife's software (3 separate programs), burning, and surfing the net. The new quad core is really nice, much better than the old Pentium. And I have to say the boot up is phenomenal, 15 seconds from power button on to Windows 7 Login screen. Much better than our old push the power button and go make some lunch. I haven't pushed it into OC yet, and with how well it's been handling I don't think I'll even crack into that. Thanks for the all the help and advice.
  2. So after some research and recommendations from the forum I've ordered my stuff. All said done with shipping it came to $1273. Everything but the case is already on the truck heading towards me. Case: NZXT Guardian ($70) Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V LX ($124) CPU: I5-3570K ($199) CPU Fan: Cool Master Hyper 212+ (($29) GPU: 2GB Visiontek Radeon 7850 ($194) Memory: 16GB (2x 8GB) Corsair Vengeance Red 1600mhz ($94) PSU: Thermaltake TR2 600 watt ($49) HD: 120 GB Samsung 840 SSD ($99) 1TB WD Blue ($69) 3.5" to 2.5" adapter ($7) Case Fan: 140mm NZXT Blue ($16) 3x 120mm NZXT (comes with case) Drives: 15x Pioneer BDR-208 ($74) 12x Asus Blu-ray combo ($56) OS: Windows 7 Home 64 ($90) Mouse: Tt eSPORTS BLACK Element ($59)
  3. So I ordered my setup this morning, I'll post the build sheet a little bit later. For right now I need to go have a talk with my ISP. I used to have a really great provider, Midcontinent, now that I moved I'm stuck with this joke. For those who've seen the "Comcast is PC Mag's top pick"... check out this great service. That download speed is actually supposed to be closer to 30 Mbps.
  4. Well I went back and changed the setup... then went back again... and then again... lol. This is the setup I'm looking to get. Mobo- ASUS P8Z77-V LX CPU- I5-3570K Mem- 2x 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 Fan- Coolmaster Hyper 212+ GPU- 2GB Visiontek Radeon 7850 PSU- Ultra LSP750 750watt Case- NZXT Guardian
  5. Well I went back and changed the setup... then went back again... and then again... lol. This is the setup I'm looking to get. Mobo- ASUS P8Z77-V LX CPU- I5-3570K Mem- 2x 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 Fan- Coolmaster Hyper 212+ GPU- 2GB Visiontek Radeon 7850 PSU- Ultra LSP750 750watt Case- NZXT Guardian
  6. Ahh perfect, the replies I was looking for. When I was going through and assembling my list I felt that I might be going a little beyond what I needed. My video editing is nothing but videos from my Go Pro. The wife does odd jobs every now and then for friends who want videos of events. She's wanting to start working with HiDef hence the SSD drive. But it's nothing that would leave the comp running 24/7. I'm not really looking to overclock, I'm just wanting something that will have power enough to do my editing, as well as allowing me to play some games easily without having to lower the quality. Right now I have my eyes set on Planetside 2 and Eurotruck Sim 2. The kids love playing Minecraft with just about every mod known to man. I have lost hardware in the past when I first started out it was an expensive lesson. So I tend to go overkill on cooling for a little insurance. Hmm time to go back and do some tweaking.
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    Car nut just begins to scratch the surface, my car history is that of a used car salesman. Even with the amount of money and time I have stuffed into that truck in my avatar, I have the urge to trade it in for a Audi S5. The wife has threatened me with death if I do that while the truck can still move under its own power.
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    Thanks for the welcome. I do have a post up in the cpu/board section about which to selection to make for my new desktop. Anyone have some insight?
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    Hello everyone My name is Ben and live in the US. I've grown up with computers all my life starting out on the old IBM and TRS systems. I know just enough to keep me out of trouble or in depending upon how you look at it. My biggest hobby is working on vehicles. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
  10. Hello everyone my name is Ben and I've run into a bit of a dilemma. Our desktop that we got from a friend is done and is so far outdated I just don't feel like fixing it. So I've decided to build a whole new setup but I've run into a bit of a snag. I can't decide which board and chip combo to go with. It will be a family PC used for a variety of things. Mainly light-moderate gaming by me along with some video editing, the wife does a lot of video work (weddings and such), and of course whatever craziness the kids come up with (i'm assuming Minecraft and Chivarly). After a lot of researching I've narrowed it down to 2 choices, however reviews and tests show you what the performance "should" be but doesn't always hit the results of real use. So I go looking for people who have been there before. What I'm looking at is in the poll question, I'm open to suggestions though. I'll put my thoughts on both combo and the rest of my build below. I7-3770k w/ ASUS P8Z77-V LX: I thought of the new 3rd gen for the ivy bridge and it's power, and I can get the combo for a good price. However a good price doesn't always mean I'm getting something that is durable. I5-3570k w/ ASUS Sabertooth Z77: I've dealt with the sabertooth line before and like the cooling ability, the 3rd gen I5 would keep me within budget. Plus I think I remember seeing one test where it seemed the I5 did better at video editing process than the I7. The rest of the build is pretty much set in stone. CPU fan: Noctua NH-D14 Case: NZXT Guardian (the multiple temp display is a nice touch) Mem: 2x 8GB Corsair Vengence DDR3 1600 PSU: Ultra LSP750 Graphic: MSI GeForce GT 640 1GB (wish I could afford something better) HD: 1tb WD (to run windows) 64gb SSD (video editing)
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