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    3DMark03 - 6563 that is awesome I wont have my replacement board for another week so Ill have to wait to try out those settings but dang 6563 that is awesome. I was hitting only 4100 with a 9700 pro ocd using VGA cooler and turning up FSB by 15% on my processor.
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    yes I am back chillin I would love it if someone with the same setup showed me there numbers. IF you are using Geil Ram and an Asus board I would love some recomendations for some settings. pm me?
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    thanks reading now.
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    yes I understand you can't just start messing with stuff as I already had to replace my MB once. When I get it back I want to make sure I do things right. Do you guys suggest overclocking from the BIOS or within Windows. Also the person told me to read more any specific sites or links that you would suggest reading?
  5. my setup asus p4p800 p4 2.8c geil ddr 400 ram is it true that I can not overclock my system becasue my ram is not any faster than pc 3200? I had though it was as simple as going into the bios and pressing the plus key to overclock 10%-20% etc.... This is what I read that confuses me. "Let's first take a look at the different models of pentium 4's. A - 400 MHz FSB 100 (CPU Frequency) X 4 (Quad Pumping) = 400 MHz FSB B - 533 MHz FSB 133 (CPU Frequency) X 4 (Quad Pumping) = 533 MHz FSB C - 800 MHz FSB 200 (CPU Frequency) X 4 (Quad Pumping) = 800 MHz FSB So in order to run a Pentium 4 A (Before Overclocking) your DDR must be able to run at 200 MHz, respectively (100 (CPU Frequency x 2 (DDR)). In order to run a Pentium 4 B (Again, before Overclocking) your DDR must be able to run at 266 MHz, and with a Pentium 4 C, 400 MHz. PC2100 = 266 MHz DDR PC2400 = 300 MHz DDR PC2700 = 333 MHz DDR PC3000 = 366 MHz DDR PC3200 = 400 MHz DDR PC3500 = 433 MHz DDR PC3700 = 466 MHz DDR PC4000 = 500 MHz DDR For instance if you wanted to overclock your Pentium 4 2.8 C Chip, you must know that you need DDR above PC3200 because PC3200 only (without counting overclocking) supports 400 MHz (200FSB x 2) 14 x 200 = 2800 MHz 4 x 200 = 800 FSB 2 x 200 = 400 MHz DDR "