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  1. a hole in the top?? eek! im not much of a metalworker. i dont even know if we have that kind of equipment. heck im not even sure the top of my case would come off. what size fan? 120mm? thats gonna be a big hole lol... also there is no way to make a second exhaust fan in the back. there is no area free to do so. my rear exhaust fan has a metal covering over it. ive read that alot of you recommend that be cut out. again i dont even know if we have that kind of saw...
  2. Ok thank you. Now I have another question about the PCI fan card and my vid card. The Gigabyte card has a plastic thing on top that says Radeon 9800XT 256. It covers most of the card. Will the PCI fan card cool my radeon with that plastic cover on it? If not, then how do I remove it? Oh and there is no way that I can see it add another front fan. Its a Chieftec case. P.S. I have an unrelated question. Ive been reading these boards for a while and several times people have talked about [email protected] What in the world is that?
  3. Hello everyone. Im new here and I could use your assistance. My computer specs are in my sig. This is my first hand built computer. So... heres the problem, I dont like my temperatures. hehe. My case allows for 1 92mm fan in the front, 1 92mm fan blowing out the back, and 1 unk size(oops I never checked size) blowing either in or out(depending on which way i face fan) on the case door. Since spring is here now my case temperatures are higher then I want them to be. Right now according to BIOS my temps are: CPU Temp External :40 degrees C CHA Temp: 28 degrees C CPU Temp on Die: 50 degrees C I have a Vantec PCI fan card(you know the one that has 2 fans that fits in a PCI slot) and a Thermaltake Extreme Volcano 12 coming in the mail. Im a bit nervous about changing the heatsink cause i dont wanna crush the cpu. I had a terrible time just trying to get the stock heatsink on. I also have artic silver 5 coming with the heatsink. But anyways do you have any ideas for lowering temps? Temp in house is 69-70F. Would a cooler for hard drive be good? I dont think theres much air getting to it cause of where the fans are. Could you suggest a good one? Also which way should the fan on the case door be blowing? In or out? I have done my best with wire management. Its nowhere near as nice as you guys can do but Im too chicken to drill holes in mobo tray and stuff like that. I wish I had a camera so I could show you lol... but anyways any help you could give me would be appreciated. Thank you.
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