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  1. ok my soyo mobo died and im trying to find a good replacement. my ram is non dual channel so does that mean i cant get a dual channel mobo? cause i was thinking of this one



    i have 3 sticks of 512mb of ram. if i can do the dual channel with 2 sticks will it be ok to put the 3rd stick in?


    oh and is having a nvidia chipset ok if i have an ati video card? no performance issues?

  2. when i put in the winxp cd and then hit f6 to install sata drivers, after that it gives me and option to delete the partition that windows is on. so i tried to do that and thats when it came back and said that it could not delete the partition. ive never had it say that before. i was always able to delete it, hit continue, and then format and install winxp. im using sp2 if that makes a difference.


    yea i regret getting a soyo board but i did it cause it was a combo mobo/case offer. was just trying to save some money. do you think the mobo is bad?

    cause when i reconnected all the wires it wont even turn on. like theres no power but everything is plugged in



    thanks for the tip ill try that tonight when i get home. so if it still doesnt work does that mean that the mobo is bad?

  3. ok this is really getting frustrating. i posted a while back about my hard drive failing and i thought i got it fixed with a new HD from WD. its been months and it just happened again! in fact it happened the day halflife 2 came out(that figures).

    usually i was able to reformat and reinstall and now it says that it can not delete the OS partition(i have only 1 partition, the whole drive). when i try to reinstall OS over top of old it gives me the blue screen of death and a STOP command and a bunch of errors. it was working PERFECTLY that morning.


    i played hl2 for about 3 hours straight with NO problems. it shut down with no errors. when i got back home from work and booted up it gave me the same error i got months ago... the windows/system folder was corrupt or deleted. please try to repair using winxp cd blah blah blah.


    i dont have any idea how to use that recovery console. What could the problem be??? i cant believe that a second WD drive is bad. i have a soyo mobo could the sata controller be bad? or is the mobo damaged? its like information is getting lost somehow and i dont know why. i unhooked and reconnected the wires to make sure they are tight and now the computer isnt even turning on. please help me fix this!

  4. Well I removed the old as5 and reapplied it and my idle temps went from 53C to 42C. woohoo! dunno bout load temps I dont really trust mbm5. i dont think its correct and i cant exactly check my temp in bios when im gaming lol... but i had a question... to lower my temps further would it be safe to put the front of my case in front the a/c unit? it would blow air right into my 120mm intake fan and cool off the case alot. would condensation still be possible by doing that? cause i dont wanna fry my computer with water drops lol :D

  5. Hello. Well im gonna try to sleeve my PSU cords and I practiced removing the molex connectors with the remover that I bought from frozencpu.com. but sometimes when I remove the connectors they dont quite fit correctly when I plug them back in. They are loose and sometimes they wont stay in the connector at all. What am I doing wrong?

  6. Thanks for the replies everyone! :D Well I just "finished" and my heatsink isnt shiny. It does look better for the most part, but in the middle of the bottom I can see some scratches. I dunno what I did wrong but I'll give it a try when I put my computer back together. Now to try and install the ATI Silencer 3 on my video card /shudder :unsure:

  7. Hi everyone. Im gonna be adventurous and lap my heatsink tomorrow. I was reading the guide on this website and it said to put some dishwashing liquid on the surface of the sandpaper. Why do you do this? Would you suggest I do that? Got any tips for someone that has never lapped before? :D Thanks!

  8. no my cpu doesnt start at 50C. it will get that high after after a few minutes. ill try taking the case side off and see what that does. my case has 1 120mm fan at 1600-2000rpm in the front and 1 120mm fan(1600-2000rpm) at the rear. There is no top or side mounted fans. Ive never done anything with tools before so I dont know if I could cut my case correctly or not...

  9. Hello everyone. I recently moved my components into an Antec Super Lanboy case and im still having temperature problems. its at 50C when it just sits there. not sure how high it goes when im in game. I have the BIOS set up to shut off the computer if i get to 60C so it must not be getting that high but 50C is higher then i want it. i used artic silver and have a Thermaltake Extreme Volcano 12. i used the included fan controller and turned it on maximum and its still that high. i also have the 2 included 120mm fans that came with the Super Lanboy. they are running at about 1600-2000k rpm. is that too low? i dont have them on controller should i get one? is this a good controller, http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-999-129&depa=0


    Would you recommend lapping the heatsink? Ive NEVER done that before. how will i know if its level?

  10. Hello. My computer came with a 400w Ultra power supply. is Ultra good a good company? should i replace it? i dont have any problems when playing games but my hard drive failed could it be the power supply or just a bad drive? every 2 weeks my computer just wont boot up. i end up having to format my computer. it has happened 6 times now. im sending the drive back to WD and getting a new one.

  11. hi. i have a soyo KT600 dragon plus mobo and a WD 74gb sata drive. one of the options on the hard drive properties is disable tagged queueing. WD tech support said i should disable it if the mobo doesnt support it. does my mobo support it? i went to soyo website and found my mobo but it didnt say anything about it. i tried google but i wasnt sure what i was looking for. can you guys help me please?

    Thanks. :unsure::foldon:

  12. hello. ok i really need your help. i bought a WD 74GB 10krpm hard drive from newegg.com a while back and i have had to reformat 5 times now because every now and then for no reason when it boots it says "Can not find windows/system. please repair" or something like that. now the last 2 times it failed it says "Delayed Write Failed can not find documents/settings/desktop.ini" and it also will go and list a whole bunch of other files it has lost. Why is this happening!!!!!! it works fine the night before and when i turn it on next day it will happen. sometimes it happens within a few days of last format or it could be a week or 2. this is really annoying. im about to just get a 7200rpm drive from maxtor over at microcenter and forget it. newegg.com also wants the original shipping box for rma and i dont have the box anymore. got any suggestions? thanks. :D

  13. well i removed the mobo and volcano 12 fan to mount the heatsink (man it really was easy once it was out of the case rofl) sheesh what an ordeal lol :lol: so now my idle temp is 41C on cpu die. tho i just put on new as5 so it has to be broken in. it might be better if i could do better wire management and i only have 1 exhaust fan. im gonna try to cut a blowhole sometime, i just have to work up the courage to do it :lol: hehe when i got everything back in the computer and turned it on it would work for a few seconds then shut off. so i cranked the volcano to full power and it stayed on. i had to reset default bios to get it to boot to windows. it works fine now whew :D Thanks for all the help everyone :)

  14. Sigh... ok I removed the stock heatsink and cleaned cpu with alcohol. i tried to apply ac5 and it accidently got alittle on the brown surface of the chip. so i used alcohol to try and clean that up. will ac5 harm the cpu surface? so i put the extreme volcano 12 on and had problems getting the one clip on that requires a screwdriver. now i know i should have removed the mobo from the case but thats alot of crap to remove lol... the heatsink shifted some and so i picked it up and tried it again. so after about 30 minutes of trying i finally got the heatsink installed. so i hooked everything up and turned on computer. it starts one continuous beep and after about 10 seconds it shuts itself off. what did i do wrong? the fan on the volcano DOES start spinning... :( help me please!

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