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  1. I have a WD 74GB Raptor and there are two options that I dont know if I should turn on or not. First is Write Caching, I read that if its on there is a chance that you can have data loss or corruption. In the past I have had errors about missing files that prevented me from booting to windows so im thinking this might be to blame. I turned it off. Do you think it should be on or off? Second is command queueing. I thought this was a new thing hard drives had. I have had mine for a couple years now and I didnt think it was supported. What does command queueing do and should I turn it on? Thanks! Happy New Year!
  2. Gosh I feel dumb now... I checked msconfig and it was set to selective startup. I clicked normal startup and now I have hardware buffer. Thanks for the replies guys! :-) UPDATE: I was wrong again. It wasnt the selective startup. It was my Logitech Fusion webcam. With it plugged in I have only software buffers allowed. If I disconnect it and reboot, then I get hardware buffers back. Geez....
  3. well i uninstalled the drivers again and moved the card to another slot. still says i dont have hardware buffering.... and yes i installed sp2 and all the updates, mobo drivers, vid drivers, etc
  4. I formatted and reinstalled winxp and all programs I have. I have done this many times before and never gotten this error. Onboard sound is disabled. I ran the test for sound in dxdiag and when it got to the hardware test it failed saying that my card doesnt support hardware buffering. Only soundware buffering will be heard. It defaults my sound acceleration to Basic.
  5. Ok so I reinstalled my computer the other day and now dxdiag says that my audigy 2 ZS doesnt support hardware buffering. I have tried installing other drivers and no change. I have NEVER had that error before. How do I fix this?
  6. Please delete this post. It was only displaying broadcast traffic. Everything is normal now. Sorry.
  7. hey thanks for the reply! eek! flash the bios... ive never done that before. how do you do it? also, i have an antec 430W PSU do you think it would be ok to overclock? i have heard that one of the first things to die is the PSU!
  8. Hello. Well I decided to be adventurous so Im gonna overclock my athlon 3200+(not 64 version). I have a MSI Delta 2 mobo and there are plenty of options for overclocking. My questions are: 1. Ok so I changed the multiplier to x13.0 to see how far it would go and it went down to 995MHz???? then changed it to 12.0 and got 2400MHz?? I dont get it... 2. The CPU voltage is at CPU Default whatever that is. Do I need to change that? what should i change it to? 3. I changed my fsb speed from 200 to 202mhz. is that bad? 202 is the highest setting it will go. 4. My Ram voltage is 2.7. is that too high? shouldnt it be 2.5 or 2.6? Ive never overclocked anything before so please feel free to offer any suggestions. Right now im idling at 44C. thats bad right? I think im gonna try to find a new heatsink and for for it cause im using a tornado thing with a loud fan and it is kinda annoying. Off topic, I read that when applying thermal paste that you just put a small BB size in the middle of processor and then put the heatsink on and that will spread out the AS5. is that a good way? cause when i did it i used the edge of the credit card to spread it and i had to put more on to cover the whole area.
  9. ok so you see my system below... Will the x800xl run ok on an Antec 430W PSU? now i know that i should upgrade to A64 but i would have to buy mobo, cpu, psu, and video card to upgrade completely or i can just buy a X800XL. $1k+ vs. $252.... I was gonna get this card http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814125186 Would i have to format my hard drive because of the new card? i was hoping that since its also ATI that i could just use driver cleaner....thanks!
  10. ok so you see my system spec.... Would I benefit from an upgrade to a 6600gt or x800xl? or would i get the same performance because of a cpu bottleneck? also if i get the 6600gt would i lose performance by going from a 256mb card to 128mb?
  11. theres no question.... go with the 7800gtx
  12. Yea this is my first computer that I hand built and I went with AMD over Intel cause id be playing games. AMD is rock solid. Not one problem. you either got bad processors or you did something wrong....
  13. ok i reinstalled and it still is doing it....
  14. when i click on websites on some of the banners and stuff it shows the quicktime sign and its looks broken(theres a rip in the picture) how do i get it to show these images? i was messing around with quicktime and screwed something up.
  15. i read the nvidia website and downloaded nforce4 drivers 6.53. it said to uninstall the previous drivers so i did and when i installed latest version it didnt install any GART drivers! what do i do now? there are no options to install GART drivers and in dxdiag it says that texture acceleration is N/A.
  16. i have a nvidia motherboard and was wondering if there was a way to tell what version im using. nothing is currently wrong but i wanna keep it up to date. if i update the mobo drivers do i uninstall the current ones? do i have to reinstall video/sound drivers also?
  17. yea when i had 3 sticks inside the BIOS said that dual channel was enabled. can i run 3 sticks and still get dual channel on my mobo?
  18. i have 3 sticks of corsair xms memory(512 each). would i benefit more from having 1.5GB total ram or 1GB of dual channel? does one setting give better performance than the other?
  19. thanks for the replies everyone! well my HD is WD Raptor and i bought one of those secureconnect cables. thats the cable that gave me data loss. i figured WD cables were high quality??
  20. im my MSI mobo manual it says that you shouldnt bend the sata cable to greater than 90 degree angle or it could cause data loss. is this true? i have an antec superlanboy with the side loading hard drives and the cable HAS to be bent if i want to put the side door on. could this be why sometimes ive had an error about missing files and had to reformat the hard drive?
  21. 10gauge i noticed that your cpu is athlon64. mine is not. just normal 32bit athlon XP. would that change things?
  22. ok heres my current system: AMD Athlon XP 3200+ 1.5 GB Corsair XMS Gigabyte 9800XT 256 Audigy 2 ZS WD Raptor 74GB I was thinking of upgrading the video card to either X800pro or X800XL. would my system be too slow for these cards? like bottleneck the new card? or is there a nividia suggestion? Id kinda like to stay with ATI but I would think about Nvidia also... thanks for the help PS. would my antec 430W PSU be strong enough for those cards?
  23. I have a WD Raptor 74GB hard drive and a pioneer dvd +/- RW drive. both components are on the primary IDE channel according to device manager info. sometimes when i boot it wont detect the drives. i have to restart 4 or 5 times for it to detect them both. other times they are found immediately. is the sata hard drive supposed to be on primary ide channel? i have a MSI K7N2 Delta2 mobo. once im into winxp there are no problems whatsoever. i dont get any errors at all.
  24. will the mobo switch to single channel mode if i use 3 sticks?
  25. im thinking of replacing my dead soyo board with one that runs dual channel. now i have 3 sticks of corsair xms 3200. if i get a dual channel board will i still be able to run all 3 sticks or will it not allow that? i know that depending on the board it might shut off dual channel but will there be a performance drop from using 3 sticks?
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