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  1. Hi all I have alot of music on one of my harddrives 80gigs worth and most of the music is full albums (I bought all of them) anyway when in WMP and looking at my library i like to have it sorted by artist. And alot of the songs show up in more then once when there is only on copy on my HD it seems to be linked to the Gerne, it will show each song as different gernes like it can be more then one is ther a way to make it not do this it is a pain in the @55. thanks scorter
  2. thanks your the man scorter
  3. thanks I figured out my problem it was A video card isssue but I did download Opera and am using it as a alternative so thanks for the advise scorter
  4. HI I use Windows MEdia Player, and I have all my music files on a seperat partition of my HD... I want to make my playlist pull the music from this location but it will only let me from the partition that has WMP installed... does anyone know how to make this work thanks scorter
  5. haha I have never used that program and the new IE7 is pretty cool besides what it is doing in this beta version thanks scorter
  6. Does any one know how to fix the scroll problem tha the NEw IE7 has I had it before reformated and reinstalled must be a newer beta... but it does the whole jumpy scroll thing and doing the normal settings, advanced and setting the scroll if smooth or not is not working... any Ideas thanks scorter
  7. Cool Thanks that is some of what I am looking for does anyone know if there is a list or a how-to, E-book on doing stuff like that in the registery... I figured it would have been there. but couldnt find it... thanks
  8. The main reason I need to do it is my customers employees like to change settings like display and what not which messes up the programs that need to be run. thanks scorter
  9. HI I Was wondering how to locked certain things on the computers (my school does this and would like to do it on a customers setup) like for example you cant access the control panel, right click has been disabled and a bunch of other things too where, how, is it a program, or is it within windows??? If some one can give me a hand on this I would be Great thanks Scorter
  10. Hi all I am setting up a wireless router and it will be talking with one laptop via wireless and one desktop via hardwire. My problem is my customers want a fire wall set up so noone can just hook to their system does anyone know how to setup the firewall in the router and make it so only the one laptop and desktop can communicate I know there are ways around it still but i am new to wireless networking and what not. I am just not sure what it is I need to do really thanks just point me in the right direction
  11. well thanks you just made up my mind for me I will go with the dell I will be running Autodesk inventor 10 also so good My last one a gateway wouldnt run inventor 8 all that good thanks
  12. well I have a nice desktop so I dont need to invest my money in that the only reason i was going wiht the gaming laptops is I am a engineering student and the high graphics and ram are a big plus for doing auto cad pograms the one think i like aobut the alienware over the dell is that it really comes with a P4 HT 2.8 and not a M2.0 but I know aobut the dell sucks and alienware sucks but that is y I asked
  13. Ok what would recommend and why I have been looking into the new Gen 2 Dell Laptop & A nice Alienware Laptop or other what you thank about each (if you have one or not) ( it is for school and of course I do a lot of other work on my computers) thanks
  14. No photoshop but I checked all the drivers But let me try killing them and reinstalling them or somehing like that thanks
  15. It is an Onboard Graphics And they said it has started to do this about 2 months ago I dont get it When i look at the settings tab in the display properties the resolution is 640X480 and that is the losest setting then when i go and change it to 800X600 which were they want it I apply the settings and then go back to look and it is still set to the 800X600 only now 800X600 is the losest setting I cant switch it back the the 640X480 after changing this it is all good untill the next time I reboot. There isnt a setting in the bios that would make it start on a different resolution.???? All I can say IS *#%*# %@*#%#@%R&*#^#%) *@#$^(@ thanks
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