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  1. Everyone should know the basics of coding as coding is all around us, phones, digital watches, alarm clocks, computers, cars, places, buildings, tvs, radios, etc...codecademy shows you how, starting with HTML, and it

  2. All I want is you... and a beer... and my PC... and my car... and a 3 week holiday... and a lot of time to myself... and... actually, let me call you later, I

  3. De hoy en 2 semanas sale el Sim City, no me vais a ver el pelo por bastante tiempo... :S

  4. Jose Morilla por dios, que bueno el final alternativo de la versi

  5. Just bought an ASUS Xonar D1 for my secondary rig for 29 USD (shipping included)
  6. Well, happy geeky v-day: That aside, I spent it alone as I
  7. Nice gift to your right hand, getting some tonight? (I
  8. Even e-mail SPAM is about Valentine today, jeez!

  9. Bought some new disc brakes for my baby, since I don
  10. So I just received a CW611... happyness

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