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  1. cdoggown

    RIP Verran

    I feel you. I am certainly not a "regular" here. Never really have been. Mostly just pass by when I selfishly need to harvest the nerdly wisdom that this forum harbors. But even I find myself a couple times a year thinking of Verran. You look at my 600-odd posts over the last 9 years or so, and that should have some impact. I dropped some tears when I read of his passing, even though I had only interacted with him a handful of times. But he did feel like more than a name on a forum, and I do feel that I missed an opportunity to call him friend. Keep keeping on, that void you feel is filled with his memory as long as you hold it. C
  2. cdoggown

    The Unofficial Battlefield 3 Thread

    So, like, their superior officers wanted them to carry more missles but the pilots said "No! We defy that order!!!"? Just messing with you
  3. cdoggown

    The Unofficial Battlefield 3 Thread

    Wow, they block youtube here at work, so I had no context for your comment. Took me quite by surprise!
  4. cdoggown

    The Unofficial Battlefield 3 Thread

    Yeah, lost my wingman on Monday. Long story. I will probably join yall on PC in a while though, once the price drops to $10
  5. cdoggown

    The Unofficial Battlefield 3 Thread

    Had to cancel my pre-order Oh well...
  6. cdoggown

    Jack in the box... anybody eat there?

    Food poisoning = E.coli outbreak due to tainted beef in the mid 90's. People here (WA) were dropping like flies! Now they are probably the safest place to eat! We go about once a week, I will keep a lookout for your precious code Dan.
  7. cdoggown

    The Unofficial Battlefield 3 Thread

    Wow, cut the guy some slack. Value is perceived by the consumer, and every consumer is different in how they measure value. I can respect that dude will wait patiently for the game to come down in price, yet I justify paying $45 for it on Newegg because I perceive the value of getting this game on day 1 to be worth at least $45. If he wants to wait, more power to him. Further, the fact that he has shown an ability to delay gratification until the market has agreed with his $10 value assessment signals to me that he is most likely better with his money than I am, and I accept that! Seriously... the judgement that gets thrown around on here sometimes baffles me. Nerds unite! Edited to appear less interested in calling out specific cases of douchebaggery. Apologies.
  8. cdoggown

    Guy chokes a kid after being pwned in Black Ops

    You must have been talking some serious garbage
  9. http://www.joystiq.com/2011/09/30/guy-chokes-a-kid-after-being-made-fun-of-in-black-ops-were/
  10. cdoggown

    The Unofficial Battlefield 3 Thread

    You guys are scaring me away with this stuff! I guess I could pull my pre-order and put it on Uncharted 3...
  11. cdoggown

    The Unofficial Battlefield 3 Thread

    Ah, thats more like it!
  12. cdoggown

    The Unofficial Battlefield 3 Thread

    War? Thats a little excessive, though I have to admit I was half-expecting to be flamed for my choice of platform
  13. cdoggown

    The Unofficial Battlefield 3 Thread

    I can speak to why I would want to, if I had access. Standardized hardware Standardized drivers Play on my 60" television Easier access to playing co-op with my wife (who is an EXCELLENT support gunner) Ease of just loading the disc and playing Comfy leather reclining couches I wont get medical marijuana resin or ash on my keyboard!
  14. cdoggown

    The Unofficial Battlefield 3 Thread

    Just pre-ordered via Newegg for PS3 with coupon = $45 with free shipping. Super excited to play!