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  1. Pulled out memory, no beep Pulled out graphics card, no beep Oh and unplugged the graphic card power (but still had card in mobo) and it had a solid beeping noise. MB for sure toast. Think my graphics card is still good?
  2. Ahh right XFX 8800GTS MSI p35 NEO Forgot what the chip is..... LSP Ultra 750w PS
  3. Found a new cmos battery. Installed it, it restarted 3 times and then stayed on but didn't post.
  4. Wow, I havnt been on this site in a while! So anyways, I got back from deployment about 5 months ago, when I got back I brought the computer out of storage and the computer would not post. I already had a working laptop so I just threw it back in storage and moved back to California. Well now I want the desktop to work and I just started troubleshooting it. I disconnected all the non requirements (HD, CD ROM, took out 3 sticks of ram, and switched them out to make sure it isnt the RAM and still left 1 stick in). It will not post, nothing to the monitor, I have clearted the CMOS. So is there any way to test what is wrong? Thinking its the motherboard or the graphics card, just don't have any spares to test it out. Thanks for any help guys!
  5. This reminds me of the bk commercial....
  6. Yeah I have seen those at the cycle gear, and I have tried them out, They work for like 5 min then when Im looking into a turn one falls out. Its annoying. Music makes me ride faster neways. So I try to use them.
  7. Yeah I am looking for the same thing, I bought some of the 20$ ones and most have the problem of going out to far. From the MC forums that I look at, the best is to get custom made ones. I dont think the ones you listed would work that well. I would look for noise cancelling ones, or else your hearing will suck beccause of windnoise and the increased ipod volume.
  8. you mean a virgin screwdriver?
  9. Im going to do a motorcycle trip from myrtle beach, sc to Yorba Linda/Corona Del Mar, ca in about a year. Its going to be awesome.
  10. oh yeah, i forgot about his "bi" problem. That was like 4 years ago though,
  11. Dont drop the soap in the showers. And have fun with sticking IVs in your feet, while you are all dirty
  12. I am looking for a mini laptop, like an EeePC or the HP one. I am wondering if anyone has any experiences with these types of laptops. Newegg has them listed as Netbooks. I am wondering if these can run Divx movies. After looking though, I am not sure if I want SSD or a normal HD. ( I will be using external storage to watch movies) I am taking this over to the sandbox, so I hope it will be durable. I would post some links, but I am in a netcafe and internet explorer is giving me a huge headache. I am also looking to take some college classes, and I am wondering how the keyboard is to write essays. Also, I want to know the extent of gaming on the laptop. I am not expecting to play any recent game, but i would like to play Diablo 2 when i am extremely bored. Thanks for any help on this, I wont be able to check this topic for a week or so. But, it will get checked.
  13. It was an EDID problem with the monitor being recognized as being non generic PNP. Somehow i messed with the settings, either by unplugging the power to the monitor for 10 min or one of my other small attemps.
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