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  1. Thanx. the one i wanted to use didnt look so good on the forums...kinda skiped frames or something.
  2. work bad....free money gooood..... sean wants free money! send sean money! Free money! and if you rich people have any money left give some to Original9 too!
  3. you wanna make money, get a job. i know that it sounds bad an d it is bad. work sucks but its a good way to make money. It worked for me....now i just got too many bills and im way in debt send me money too!!!
  4. the GF4 is going to be better. there will be tweek progs out for it that will make it much faster than it already is.
  5. I agree with Bass. Go DDR. Its not that much more expensive, has a higher clock speed, and will be around longer than pc133.
  6. yeah, havent felt like it. Been busy doing other stuff.
  7. I would have to agree with Bass Freak on this one. The Volano 7 is a great heatsink to go with.
  8. Try using a differnt browser
  9. Espn83

    Partition magic 7

    Nevermind, I got it. It works great.
  10. Just wanted to know if anybody knows of a site where i can download Partition Magic 7 for free. I dont want to demo. A hacked full version would be nice. I really dont want to pay the $70 for it.
  11. It could be that the installation got corupt. Maybe you should fdisk, format, and reinstall. Hopefully that should fix the problem.
  12. Yeah it is. Didnt you read the problem, his touch pad doesnt work
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