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  1. Well, I managed to get my FSB up to 245mhz without touching anything else except for the I/O freqency. My temp is still well within range and my PCMark04 score went up. But when I tried to go up to 250mhz everything went to hell, so I restarted and went back into BIOS and tried to turn up my Vcore voltage. Here's where I get confused, System info says it's around 1.37v but the next setting up from there in my BIOS is 1.6, which I believe is above the max voltage for the E family. I tried it anyway and it wouldn't even POST. Cleared CMOS and started over So right now I'm at 245mhz FSB which puts me at 3.43Ghz. Not really sure where to go from here tho. I don't know what my FSB:DRAM ratio is, I didn't find a way to change it in the BIOS and can't figure out how to use prime95 to get that info. As for the video card, I'm at 420 core / 756 memory right now and still looking good B)
  2. I have a pretty good handle on most of that. Not exactly sure how to change that ratio, but I'll look around the BIOS. A couple more questions.....What are the utilities I should have for a manual overclock? I assume prime95 is what most of you use for stability testing. Should I turn the I/O frequency up to 66mhz, or leave it at 33? And when overclocking my 9800 do I just push untill it pushes back? In RIVA Tuner are there any things I should mess with or just the sliders? Thanks alot for any help. I'm going to try to get to 250Mhz FSB tonight. I'll let you know how it goes
  3. I used RIVA Tuner to clock mine as well. About the FSB, I have no idea what it is. I'm new to this and all I did for my CPU is select the 20% auto overclock option on my ASUS board. You can shoot me now, I've admitted my sins
  4. Well thanks for the warm welcome everyone. Seems like a great group here. I've updated my specs in my sig since starting this thread, so check 'em out. As for the name, I stole it from the movie The Usual Suspects. If you've seen it online it was either at himanforum.com, the Thief forums at TTLG.com or someone else. The Himan series is worth every penny, and considering you can get the first two games for cheap money now, I'd highly recommend picking them up if you're looking for a change of pace. Not for the hack and slasher tho. Requires patience planning and nerves of steel. These games make Splinter Cell feel like a shooter.
  5. I have a C200 and don't use the cable. Slower than death. I also use a USB Compact Flash reader. Mine was 12 bucks at Staples. I'd offer you my cable for shipping costs if you want to e-mail me your address, but it's in your interest to get a USB card reader. Way faster.
  6. I saw some impressive GPU speeds in your sig. I've got a 9800 Pro, but can't reach anywhere near those speeds. It's got stock cooling right now, what do you recommend for GPU cooling?
  7. Pure copper Zalman 5100. I ran a stress test on it for 15 min or so and it got to about 58 C. I don't know how you got your 2.8 up to 3.5 at 46 C, blows my mind. I'm not too worried about it though, Intel spec is 69 C.
  8. Hi guys, I posted about a week ago and said I'd post some benchmark scores when I got around to running them. This system is my first attempt to overclock anything and I've played with both the CPU and the GPU. Specs and benchmarks are in my sig. Wondering if it looks OK to you guys, also wondering about overclocking the RAM? Thanks B)
  9. Hitman - Silent Assassin was very good, but not as hard as Codename 47. Probably 'cuz it was a crossplatform game, can't make it too hard for the console players ya know.......
  10. Well, according to my wife, I'm always a suspect and usually guilty As for off topic Rick, I'm used to it. I live in the off topic forum at hitmanforum.com.
  11. Good Idea, seems like a good group here, I'm sure you'll be very helpfull when I start playing with my GPU!
  12. Why isn't my sig. showing up? Does it only show once per thread?
  13. Thanks guys. Not sure I'm ready to melt the my GPU yet. It's not even a week old But we'll see what happens I just got rid of my P4 1.6 Northwood, Albatron FX5600 EQ 256 and p4p8x, so we'll see how this baby runs when I get it configured right....
  14. I'm new here and figured I'd say hi, intrduce my self and my setup. I am a HUGE Hitman fan, Contracts comes out today so I have the next coupla weeks planed out I am also new to overclocking and came here 'cuz I'll probably want to talk to you about my graphics card in the near future as this is a recent upgrade to my system. Let me know what you think and I'll post my PCMark04 score when I get around to it
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