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  1. 31? I wish! I use an open office spreadshet to track my info. I just looked, 174 usernames/sites and there are a few new ones i have to add to the list, like this site and outcast studios
  2. He never said for free. And thanks for that photoshop plugin, sounds pretty useful. Hmm...so he never. Guess I've been spending too much time on other art and design forums. 99.9% of the time on those when someone wants something they want it free. Actually I wouldn't do it for money either, but I'm more than happy to point people out to where they can learn and then in the learning process answer questions (if I can). In case you can't tell I'm a firm believer in DIY and you'll find my posts will be biased in that direction.
  3. No offense, but designing a custom WP theme is very time and labour intensive. I'd never do it for free and I think you'll have a hard time finding anyone who will. Now that being said back when I started out with WP I found a lovely free theme that will let you do extensive customization yourself without actually knowing how it works - "Atahualpa" by BytesForAll It'll get you up and running with something totally unique and if you mess around with it a lot you will learn how to make your own themes...its how I first learned. I also use Divine Elemente plugin for photoshop for theme creation on occassion. I'm not sure of the situation right now but the "demo" version was full-featured, the only thing you couldn't do with it was create themes for re-sale. If you have photoshop and don't plan on selling themes, it is another option for you
  4. If you plan on having a commenting system I find Discus really good. I've also used google xml sitemaps and all in one SEO to help automate some of the behind the scenes stuff for search engines. Both are fairly effective and if you don't have the knowledge to mange your own SEO they are probably the best you'll get.
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