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    Getting My Wisdom Teeth Out!

    when i had a wisdom tooth pulled the dentist just numbed it with a local shot of novocaine and pulled it out with what appeared to be an expensive pair of pliers. no post-op problems, i also treated the site with plenty of alcohol. oh btw, i didnt even get the day off -drew
  2. drewkivela

    Is Getting Tear Eyed At A Movie Acceptible

    yeah, you for got the selction for "as long as nobody knows" -drew
  3. drewkivela

    Whole Bunch Of Stuff For Sale

    do you have a model number for that motherboard? -drew
  4. drewkivela

    Which Nvidia Card Maker Is Better?

    i would suggest bfg, i know i am a little biased seeing as how my current card is a bfg, but dang. also the early benched pitting 2 slied 7800gt vs 2 slied 7800gtx showeed the same results, has this changed with the new drivers? if not save a couple $ and go 2x7800gt -drew
  5. i guess im lucky, mine is only 51k -drew
  6. drewkivela

    Psu Sleeving Experience

    wow, they turned out really nicely, good job and thanks for the write up -drew
  7. drewkivela

    I Can Game Again!

    congrats on the new card, have you ried the demos of bf2 or dungeon siege 2 yet? i would suggest starting there -drew
  8. drewkivela


    nice soundtrack, is that the msi standard zip-tie configuration on the chipset cooler? too bad liquid nitrogen is so impractical -drew
  9. drewkivela

    Best Vga Cooler? Evga 7800 Gtx

    i've got an nv5 on my 6800 gt oc, helped with the top oc and it runs stable (see sig) -drew
  10. drewkivela

    Wtt Fans For Fan.

    how many blue ones do you need? they're only like $3 online. try price watch or go to http://3btech.net/poty80mmcafa.html it's $3 each or 5/$10 -drew
  11. drewkivela

    Cleanup Sale

    no fast s478 chips for us stone-agers? -drew
  12. drewkivela

    Need To Buy Northwood

    i have a 3.2c i'd trade for a 3.2e chip for chip. -drew
  13. drewkivela

    Chilly1 Phase Change

    hurry and get those pics up -drew
  14. drewkivela

    Computer Speaker Setup

    i've got mine hooked up to the aux of a jvc 240w bookshelf system, gets the job done -drew
  15. drewkivela

    Going The Way Of Your Caffeine....

    bud "e" or good old mt dew for my frag fests -drew
  16. if i could upgrade from my 6800gtoc to a 7800gtx for $200 i would. dang agp tho -drew
  17. drewkivela

    Don't Touch It..

    another vote for clear coat, he says it might not last long but it will still be there -drew
  18. drewkivela

    Post Your Overclock

    well my benched last oc is in my sig, right now its pulled back to 3.44ghz -drew
  19. drewkivela

    Transporter 2

    i was just looking at the movie schedule and saw that it will be playing next week, loved the 1st one cant wait to see this one -drew
  20. drewkivela

    Favorite Battlefield 2 Class

    assault, oh yeah im back -drew
  21. drewkivela

    dang Knoppix!

    ok so i have this amd 1400 system running knoppix on cd. the only graphics card it liked was my 9600pro and it took me forever to find a nic it would use. so i had it all up and running with the new nic doing some folding and all of a sudden it couldnt connect again i lost all of the work it did. /end rant anyone have any suggestions? (besides install windows) -drew
  22. drewkivela

    Had To Get A New Camera

    well, i went to great america the other weekend and my bag with the digicam got crushed by one of the rides (see pic,taken with new cam) it was a kodak easyshare cx7430, 4.0mp. the new one is a casio exilim ex-z55, 5.0mp through dell with the mad discounts.shown here yay for me -drew
  23. drewkivela

    Gone For A Month

    well guys, wont see too much of you for the next month. the movers are coming today and i'll be computerless until my stuff catches up with me in korea. its almost enough to warrant getting a laptop. my folding is going to take a big hit too. later -drew
  24. drewkivela

    Bf2 Plagued With Bugs

    im playing the demo and it almost always crashes, big pita. i think i'll be fed up enough not to buy the retail version -drew
  25. drewkivela

    Ecl Benchmark Contest

    wow, i didnt know 6600gts ram those kind of numbers! -drew