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    1: 3.2e,2x512 pc3200 mushkin blue, 2x160 sata,120 ata, 8x dvdrw, 48x cdrw, ti4800/ 2: 2.53p4 2x512 pc2700, 40 ata, dvd/ 3: 2.0p4, 512mb, 15 ata/ 4:3.0 soon / 5: 1.6 soon

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  1. drewkivela

    Getting My Wisdom Teeth Out!

    when i had a wisdom tooth pulled the dentist just numbed it with a local shot of novocaine and pulled it out with what appeared to be an expensive pair of pliers. no post-op problems, i also treated the site with plenty of alcohol. oh btw, i didnt even get the day off -drew
  2. drewkivela

    Is Getting Tear Eyed At A Movie Acceptible

    yeah, you for got the selction for "as long as nobody knows" -drew
  3. drewkivela

    Whole Bunch Of Stuff For Sale

    do you have a model number for that motherboard? -drew
  4. drewkivela

    Which Nvidia Card Maker Is Better?

    i would suggest bfg, i know i am a little biased seeing as how my current card is a bfg, but dang. also the early benched pitting 2 slied 7800gt vs 2 slied 7800gtx showeed the same results, has this changed with the new drivers? if not save a couple $ and go 2x7800gt -drew
  5. i guess im lucky, mine is only 51k -drew
  6. drewkivela

    Psu Sleeving Experience

    wow, they turned out really nicely, good job and thanks for the write up -drew
  7. drewkivela

    I Can Game Again!

    congrats on the new card, have you ried the demos of bf2 or dungeon siege 2 yet? i would suggest starting there -drew
  8. drewkivela


    nice soundtrack, is that the msi standard zip-tie configuration on the chipset cooler? too bad liquid nitrogen is so impractical -drew
  9. drewkivela

    Best Vga Cooler? Evga 7800 Gtx

    i've got an nv5 on my 6800 gt oc, helped with the top oc and it runs stable (see sig) -drew
  10. drewkivela

    Wtt Fans For Fan.

    how many blue ones do you need? they're only like $3 online. try price watch or go to http://3btech.net/poty80mmcafa.html it's $3 each or 5/$10 -drew
  11. drewkivela

    Cleanup Sale

    no fast s478 chips for us stone-agers? -drew
  12. drewkivela

    Need To Buy Northwood

    i have a 3.2c i'd trade for a 3.2e chip for chip. -drew
  13. drewkivela

    Chilly1 Phase Change

    hurry and get those pics up -drew
  14. drewkivela

    Computer Speaker Setup

    i've got mine hooked up to the aux of a jvc 240w bookshelf system, gets the job done -drew
  15. drewkivela

    Going The Way Of Your Caffeine....

    bud "e" or good old mt dew for my frag fests -drew