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    I5-3670K Oced to 4.4Ghz cooled by Antec Kuhler 620
    OCZ Vertex 120GB with Windows 8 Pro 64-bit
    2TB of WB storage
    16 Crucial DDR3 RAM
  1. EvilGeniusJr

    Razer Kraken Pro

  2. EvilGeniusJr

    Razer Kraken Pro

    Alright thanks! lol So would the Asus Orion be better?
  3. EvilGeniusJr

    Razer Kraken Pro

    Has anybody used them? Are they any good/ worth the price? Thanks!
  4. EvilGeniusJr

    Do you place your case on your desk or under it?

    Mines right to my my right, touching my elbow when I move my mouse lol.
  5. EvilGeniusJr

    is this a fairly good motherboard?

    Never trust any voltage reading from software. Boom, problem solved. OC'ing without a DMM is like playing Russian roulette. That works too lol.
  6. EvilGeniusJr

    is this a fairly good motherboard?

    Right but the problem is that the mobo is reporting the wrong voltages.
  7. EvilGeniusJr

    is this a fairly good motherboard?

    I have one and like it but I have to warn you. http://www.overclock.net/t/1333812/asrock-z77-extreme4-z77-extreme6-review http://www.overclock.net/t/1360404/asrock-z77-extreme-4-vcore-reading
  8. EvilGeniusJr

    Evil's Rig, Antec 900

    it looks pretty damn good to me too !! it sounds like it's all serviceable and working for ya,....good to go ! Yeah and the more I think back, when I did it that way I actually had used the plastic part of the cages still. It wasn't till I decided to mount a radiator in the front that I made the brackets. The 900 is definitely one of my all time favorite cases, although one of the toughest I have ever modded. Thats why I get all giddy when I see a new post about one being modded lol. Lol, I was considering mounting a 240mm rad up front. How hard was it?
  9. EvilGeniusJr

    Evil's Rig, Antec 900

    Probably lol, but I can't seem to find anything that I like.
  10. EvilGeniusJr

    Evil's Rig, Antec 900

    Cool thanks! Those just standard 5.25 to 3.5in mounts?
  11. EvilGeniusJr

    Evil's Rig, Antec 900

    Cool thanks! There's already another HHD and an SSD below that drive though so it will be a squeeze.
  12. EvilGeniusJr

    Evil's Rig, Antec 900

    False floor, I am working on that HDD wire...
  13. EvilGeniusJr

    When gaming on your pc what do you prefer?

    I like headphones, but I do only have terrible speakers so maybe I would like nice speakers better.
  14. EvilGeniusJr

    Do you use a surge protector/ups with you computer?

    I have a surge protector for my pc and router. I have seen people using a wired router where the router was killed an took out the NIC of the connected PC too.