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  1. Would I be able to control more lights than just the RGB strips with the Hue? I know I won't get RGB functionality but adding some lights onto the on/off switch of the Hue would be nice.
  2. I would rather avoid that route if at all possible.
  3. Hello all. I'm a long time reader first time poster. After a year of kicking around the idea of building my own rig, I have decided to do it. I have hit a small snag, and was wondering if anyone here could help. I have a CM Stormtrooper case, which comes with a fan controller, and an LED on/off switch for the 2 case fans in the front. I was planning on adding additional lighting as well, but am not sure how to tackle this problem. I would like to run all the LEDs in my case off one switch, whether it be the built in LED switch or something like a 5.25 controller. Any input would help, especially easier solutions. If it comes down to it, I guess I could just run LED fans with 2 pin connectors, and split them with a Y cable so I could atleast run multiple LED fans with the case LED on/off switch. On a side note, the case also comes with a fan controller on it. If there was some way to combine the fan and LED control into a single 5.25 controller that would also be an acceptable solution for me. Thanks for taking some time to help me with my first build.
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