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  1. ahem... if you use a computer i feel bad for you son i got 99 problems but uninstall isnt one! if u dont get it i fixed it thanks a ton EuroFight and SpikeSoprano
  2. just seen this and i have tried rebooting several times (incase it just couldnt be bothered the 1st couple of time) no dice. im gunna try the reinstall now will report back shortly.
  3. when i try to uninstall 3dmark i get this message and no matter what i click i cant seem to get it to uninstall. i have tried closing all the applications and turning off my antivirus but to no avail does anyone know how to get rid of it?
  4. Well, that's embarrassing and disgusting. Now what? You may try resetting it. i reset it and got 5c lower gunna leave it at that for now, its not like i can get my money back. though looking back i did call it would be a dud, maybe i am psychic
  5. well i reapplied the thermal paste and put it back on but it only dropped 5C from before and to be honest 27-28 quid is alot for 5C drop. o well not gunna mess with my cpu fan for a while and just get my graphics card bought and installed. the extra 5C can do bugger all for now. i wanna play borderlands 2 some time soon since i got it bought for me at Xmas and haven't touched it yet.
  6. THE FAN IS A PIECE OF **** IT IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE FART BOX I HAVE EVER PURCHASED. but seriously guys my stock cooler actually out performs the gemini m4 and thats with the m4 at max speed. if i had to do it again id punch myself in my manly parts and buy a new Noctua NH-C12P SE14. well any who thanks for the advice. tell your friends its poo,
  7. the cpu fan is a coolermaster gemini m4 and i am getting 34C at idle and 65C at heavy load ambient temp of 24C
  8. hey, need some help with temps for my CPU as i am getting pretty poor results. i was wondering if there was anyone out there that could tell me both there stock clock temperatures (idle and load) and if possible anyone who is using there stock and aftermarket cooler temperatures as well as the CPU max temps. i am in desperate need of the CPU max temp as i think i am running a little hot.
  9. Just googled it. Seems to be a descent cooler. Heres hoping it isn't a major dud product. Doesn't seem to be like that. Lets hope for the best. Just got to wait till the 24th for delivery and then i will tell you guys
  10. They aren't difficult, just take your time and try to remain grounded or at least off of carpeted floors with socks. By the way I hope you made sure to buy some thermal grease, or made sure that it came with the cooler, or just checked to be sure you had some laying around because you'll need some of that as well. I know you already got your cooler and all but you could have also removed your side fan to get a bigger heat sink. That would have probably allowed for better cooling anyway just a thought for future renovations. bought some mk-4 thermal paste coming with the cpu cooler. the thing is i have already spent the money on the side fans and i am not exactly rolling in the dough at the moment and it urked me to remove it knowing i will probably never use it again.
  11. Just googled it. Seems to be a descent cooler. Heres hoping it isn't a major dud product.
  12. Ok i've decided im going for the GeminII M4 because its in my price range and the other two choices are considered to be noisy and i already have enough noise coming out of my rig at the moment. thanks alot
  13. yes i am saying i don't want to take the motherboard out but i have come to the realization that that is just fantasy. which would be better for cooling GeminII M4 or Scythe Big Shuriken 2 or Shuriken 2 Rev. B what is the rev. B part about?? does it being a rev.b make it better?? looks like im making progress
  14. no it wont be anything extreme probably just take it from 4.2 to 4.5-.6
  15. It is entry level cooler, would perform no better than OEM cooler. Ok so any cpu cooler simular in design is no good then??
  16. I am looking for a CPU fan and heatsink and the 120mm is the space between my motherboard and my case fan the 120mm fan ports are my intake and side panel. if i put the radiator on my side panel removal of said side panel will become difficult will it not?? are there any good "short" cpu fans you would recommend? i have been looking at the Alpine 64 PLUS but it doesn't seem like it is any good in my opinion Had a look and the Noctua NH-C12P SE14 seems promising if i can find a way to remove my motherboard with out unplugging everything to install the bracket that is. (i wish i have a case with the holes in the back ) I agree because bullet number 2 and the comment by your cpu spec makes it sound like you want a new heatsink. Which if thats the case then you have no option but to remove the stock one and probably upgrade to one that has a back plate just because most heat sinks that are worth anything use a back plate. With this being said they do make some that don't have back plates (for example the Thermaltake V1) the only problem with that is trying to find one that is compatible with the AM3+ socket. Or you could do an all in one water cooling set up like jenova suggested but they use back plates as well.... Perhaps you are asking if there is a fan that can replace the fan on your stock AMD cooler? Just out of curiosity what case do you have? Yes i am looking for a heatsink and fan setup. I was already aware i would need to remove the old one and have experience doing so (mainly stock coolers mind). water cooling is not viable as the 120mm fans are my side panel and intake fans. my exhaust fans are 2 80s are motherboards hard to remove? i have never removed one before, would i be able to do it without having to unplug most of my components? things like fans are fine but I am not sure about the rest.
  17. Hey community. I have been looking on this forum and other places online for information about a good CPU fan that is either 120mm high or low profile that will fit an am3+ motherboard i have had no look and was wondering if this community has any ideas. There are some problems with my rig though. The case is 7 inches wide so roughly 178 mm and my motherboard sticks out about 30 mm and my side case fan is 25 mm I can't access the rear of my motherboard so all CPU fans that need the special mounting bracket are out. I intend to do some light overclocking but nothing extreme so efficiency is of semi importance. I will give you guys my spec just incase it helps. AMD FX4170 quad core @ 4.2 ((stock CPU cooler) the reason i wish to change it is due to temps of 57C at full load using prime95) Nvidia 9400 GT (this will be upgraded soon to a AMD Radeon HD 7770) Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 500GB HDD 1 Arctic f12 fan (intake) 2 Arctic f12 pwm fans (side case) 2 Artiic f8 fans (exhaust) 8GB Ram If anymore information is needed feel free to ask.
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