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  1. I just had a major upgrade a short while ago, now I was able to push 5200!! I just have to fiddle with all my RAM timings and other overclockables... B:)
  2. My aquamark score is 70.000. Excellent!! I will see when i can post the pic
  3. I'm getting a score of 2944 My score has been upgraded since my upgrade. My score is now 9934!! I'll see when i can get a scrnshot in effect
  4. hey thx. just wanted to make sure!!
  5. could u tell me how the flash work? do u need some special utilities and does it work with all cards or what? i have a GeForceFX 5600.....
  6. Interesting, thx guys. I hope i'll make a decent monster out of my machine yet. ALthough i'm planning to maybe upgrade........ I'll see how it goes..
  7. yeah, i guess i'm also just a loyalist. But i take my hat of to ATI, the tougher the competition, the better deals we get.
  8. I am and always will be a nVidia fan. dont know why but i prefer them, although i never really had ati cards. ok so ati beats nvidia most of the time. I just find nvidia more user-friendly and has better driver support. too bad half-life 2 is gonna lag on my machine ;-)
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